Last launch before lockdown: Jonathan Ward Assassin Belarus

Blogger Stephan Matthews went along to the last of the live launches we’re expecting to see for a while – and reports back here, also sharing innovative home fragrance creator Jonathan Ward‘s 5 Favourite Smells, if you scroll down.

The Perfume Society will continue to share news of brands’ unveilings – because we need to ‘S.O.S’ – Save Our Scents! The industry is powered by the creativity of countless small start-up brands, alongside bigger names. As our #Smellfie Campaign 2020 acknowledged, perfume has the power to make us feel positive, uplifted and indeed, almost as if we’re wearing a cloak of armour. We’ve never needed it more than now…

Writes Stephan:

‘Inspired by the world of espionage and secrets, Jonathan Ward has just launched the latest candle in his incredible clean-burn range … Assassin Belarus. It’s a fusion of cold metal and warming mystery, so it almost feels as if you’ve combined the playfulness of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five with the hard-edged reality of crime writer Oliver Harris. If you’ve experienced Jonathan’s candles before then you’ll know what a treat is in store for you but, if you’re new to the range, then you’re in for a wonderful surprise.

Assassin Belarus took espionage as its inspiration and promises to ‘delve into the worlds that exist under those that shape our human experience.’ Jonathan has combined the dryness of black pepper and cedarwood with a decadent birch tar and patchouli, so you almost feel as though you’re in an MI5 briefing room. Spring is always a funny time of the year for scent because you feel as if you’re stuck between rich winter and sparkling summer, but this perfectly combines the two into another truly beautiful fragrance. 

We are in the middle of challenging times and there’s never been a more important moment to support independent companies if we can. Jonathan was very open about the situation. ‘Small ones like mine might not weather this storm. Many of us will be struggling from month to month, still trying to make a difference, and every one of your purchases is helping us all to keep our heads above water. Whilst we can still get to the post office we’ll all continue to send out to you, so don’t forget us.’

So get scent-shopping – and candle-shopping – if you possibly can, perfume-lovers. 

Assassin Belarus candle £48 – buy it here

In our regular series, Stephan also asked Jonathan (pictured above) his five favourite smells…

1. Comme des Garçons I’ve loved the original scent for over twenty-three years and it was the first connectivity that I had to fragrance when I was at college. I’d never smelled something so unusual and inspiring and it just immediately captured my way of thinking. I thought one day I would love to be included in this industry, but at that time I was heading in the direction of fashion.

2. Cognac It’s an ingredient that I always go back to, and I always reference when I design. It has that warm, aromatic quality and emphasises the link between flavour and fragrance. I think that really warm, deep, sensual notes do wonderful things in the structure of a fragrance.

3. Citrus For me it’s like the Marmite of scent. You either love citrus or you associate it with loo cleaner. It literally goes both ways and there’s no neutral ground. I love fragrances with Sicilian lemon in them but it’s something that I associate with summer, although I may be getting it out earlier this year.

4. A baby’s head  I remember when I was first starting out I tried to do a fragrance inspired by the scent of a baby’s head and I called it ‘Child’. It had nourishing soft milk notes, very subtle pheromones, nutmeg, and it was very sensual. But just the fact that I’d called it ‘Child’ meant that the marketing was a disaster because it just didn’t connect with customers at all. But I still love that innocent smell.

5. Black Pepper I love its spiciness, it has its own sensual aromatic accord that comes with it, and it’s the perfect ingredient when linked with other notes. It’s not challenging, some notes can drown their partners, and this one links hand in hand to give an unusual complexity that I love. It’s incredibly beautifully and I could not live without it.

Helping Hands: fragrance houses producing hand sanitisers

Due to the current global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus, many fragrance houses are turning their production of perfume to that of hand-santisers, which are much-needed and now often difficult to obtain for health workers and those at risk.

All medical advice still clearly states that washing your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds or more is still the best way to ensure your hands are properly clean – but in situations when soap and water are not easily used, and as an extra precaution, the supply and delivery of hand-santisers to those in need is now more important than ever.

Hand-santisers should ideally contain 70% professional grade alcohol base to be effective, and most over the counter hand sanitisers contain varying amounts and types, often between 60% and 95% and usually isopropyl alcohol.

Because alcohol is used as the base of the majority of fragrances, fragrance houses have to pre-order this in bulk, and so it makes perfect sense for them to be using their stocks of this material – once taken foregranted, and now a precious commodity – to turn it into hand-santisers.

It turns out that all Dior, Givenchy, and Guerlain liquid soaps and creams have a viscosity very similar to that of hand-sanitiser gel, which means LVMH is able to continue using their usual filling machines, plastic bottles, and pump dispensers to mass-produce hand-santiser, which they have been distributing free of charge to French health authorities and hospitals.



Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive of LVMH, said that ‘Through this initiative, LVMH intends to help address the risk of a lack of product in France and enable a greater number of people to continue to take the right action to protect themselves from the spread of the virus.’ And they have been highlighting the work they’re doing on social media with the hashtag #LVMHJOINSFORCES.



Sarah Baker has made gorgeously scented hand-santisers available to the public, that conform to the  WHO recommended hand-rub formulations. Named ‘Jazz Hands‘, a set of four long-lasting 50ml bottles, fragranced with her perfumes Greek Keys, Charade, Jungle Juice and Atlante, can be purchased for £40. The price includes a £5 donation to Médecins Sans Frontièrs (Doctors Without Borders), and Sarah will send all those who purchase a pack of Jazz Hands a special discount code, allowing you to take the full price of the hand-santisers off a 50ml bottle of perfume of your choice.

Ormonde Jayne started making batches of hand-santiser several weeks ago, gifting them to all their employees and families, and are now giving away a free spray bottle of hand-santiser with any purchase from their website. Founder Linda Pilkington commented that, ‘As a privately owned perfume house that manufactures its own perfume, we are in a unique position, having a denatured alcohol license, to be able to manufacture a hand sanitiser. Our formula contains 80% denatured alcohol, 20% aniseptic aloe vera and tea tree oil.’ And she continued, ‘On behalf of all the Ormonde Jayne team, we wish you all the most important things in life, good health and happiness.’



In America, other indie brands are stepping forward, including L.A-based perfumer Sarah Horowitz , who has introduced the Stay Safe Sanitizing Spray ($10 for a 1-ounce bottle or a free 0.34-ounce bottle with every online order over $75. The spray consists of an 80% concentrate of organic alcohol, which isl mixed with essential oils often used for their antibacterial properties, such as clove, lemongrass, lavender maillette and patchouli.

Last week we also reported that fragrance house Miller Harris were donating their entire stock of soap and hand wash to AGE UK and other vulnerable communities, and enouraging other brands to help if they are able.

How heartening, at times of crisis, that fragrance houses have stepped up so swiftly to help and do what what they can – we’re all in this together, after all.

By Suzy Nightingale

The #smellfie sensation! Are YOU a winner?

On National Fragrance Day, March 21st, in a shower of #smellfie sharing, the world came together as perfume-lovers all over the planet expressed their joy for scents that gave the most comfort, strength and happiness in these troubling times.

This is the sixth year of our #smellfie campaign – sharing a selfie with a scent you love – and this time, we placed a special emphasis on those fragrances that make us smile, feel as though we’re wearing a suit of armour or as though we’re somehow standing taller. To be perfectly honest, we just weren’t sure – amidst a global pandemic – how many people would be able to, or actually feel like joining in on this occasion. But OH BOY, you didn’t disappoint!

We were moved to tears by some of the tender scent meories and photos you shared, and then whooping with laughter at some of the hilaious costumes you somehow got together! Overall, it was a fragrantly creative display of unity that helped us feel less isolated, reminded us all of how important fragrance can be to help lift our moods, and gosh, just gave us something nice to focus on for a little while.

Though in our hearts you are all winners, we promised to pick some of our all-time favourites, and we would love to share these with you below…

Our top choice, @harleyrider1883, will be receiving £300 worth of fragrance (though he might have to be a little patient as we figure out how to get it to him, while working remotely!) Five runners-up will either receive a VIP Subscription in the UK (with the joining box of their choice), or an International VIP Subscription – for a full year of fragrant reading!



@harleyrider1883 For embodying the power of perfume in his smile-making pic, captioned: ‘Wearing this makes me feel strong, confident and brave! (and happy because the wife likes it too)’



@mindmarrow Because we think everyone should go hiking with their fragrance. (We’re so doing that in future.) To quote: ‘Like a good scent soldier asked to do a smellfie, here it is. One of my favourites is Guerlain’s Plus Que Jamais. Besides having private and beautiful memories for me, it translates to “more than ever” and fittingly now more than ever we need connection, grace and kindness. More than ever we need courage, creativity and resilience. More than ever we need to breathe deeply. Sending love, support and solidarity to this community of passionate ’fumeheads.’


@bellempiretheheartoffeminity For the wonderfully dramatic photo with Guerlain L’Heure Bleue, and her caption: ‘Let us all honour the joy that spraying a beautiful scent can give us on National Fragrance Day in a time where small pleasures mean more than ever and a favourite perfume has the power to bring us back to happier and easier times… if only for a small moment.’


@lelatr85 As with many #smellfies for 2020, bare-faced but beautiful. (Lots of slap just doesn’t feel of-the-moment, right now, does it? And as we all know, you’re never naked with perfume.) ‘To celebrate #nationalfragranceday I choose to post a #smellfie with no make-up, just wearing #eaudemerveilles. A unique woody, salty, citrusy perfume – one of a kind.’


@thesniffwebsite For giving us the best laugh of the day. As the talented fragrance writer behind The Sniff, Nicola Thomis, says, ‘Sauvage by @dior done the #smellfie way for @theperfumesociety. Humour at times like this lifts us up, keeps us going and makes us feel like we’re wearing that suit of armour. I loved having an eyeliner beard and tattoos by the way. Things I have learned this weekend: felt tip eyeliner is a sod to get off arm skin!’


@perfumepuffery A scented sketch that we simply enjoyed. ‘I’m over here on #nationalfragranceday… wearing the very austere Iris Silver Mist. Is she uplifting? Probably not, but I’m always very moved by its abject greyness and enjoy being shrouded in icy glamour. Best iris and best Serge (in my opinion). Wishing you all the best in these very scary and uncertain times.’

Thank you SO much to every single one of you who took part. We spent the whole of Saturday (and much of Sunday) liking, commenting and loving as many of your posts as we possibly could. With so many great entries it was a really tough decision, but please know we adored seeing every single one!

By Suzy Nightingale (with thanks to Hettie Jones for curating all the #smellfies)

Covid-19 and loss of smell: IMPORTANT news for noses

We know that there are many rumours swirling around the coronavirus, but we felt that this was worth circulating to a community which is highly tuned into its sense of smell.

Top ENT specialists have pinpointed loss of sense of smell – a.k.a. ‘anosmia’ – as a potential symptom of those carrying the Covid-19 virus, who are otherwise asymptomatic.

Previously, we were told to look out for symptoms such as a high fever and a new continuous, dry cough – and for people with those symptoms to self-isolate within their own homes. Scientists suspected, however, that the wide-spreading of the virus has, in part, been due to otherwise seemingly healthy people going out and about – unaware that they are carrying the virus and unwittingly infecting others.

The British Association of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT UK) published a statement that these anosmia symptoms had been found among ‘…a number of patients in the “absence of other symptoms”‘.

Professor Claire Hopkins, president of the British Rhinological Society, and Professor Nirmal Kumar, president of ENT UK, remarked in the joint statement, published online, that they’d noticed a significant and sudden rise ‘in cases of isolated anosmia’ — total or partial smell loss — in the UK, US, France and northern Italy.

The statement goes on to remark that they ‘…think these patients may be some of the hitherto hidden carriers that have facilitated the rapid spread of Covid-19,’ commenting that, ‘Unfortunately, these patients do not meet current criteria for testing or self isolation.’

As fragrance-lovers we are generally more in-tune with our noses and sense of smell than the majority of people, simply due to the fact we spend so much time focussing on scent, concentrating on how it smells. (And, of course, lavishly spraying ourselves in our favourites and describing them to others.) Therefore, we are perhaps in a better place to notice a loss of smell more immediately. And therefore – more importantly – to act on it.

Although current government guidelines on self-isolating with signs of coronavirus do not yet specifically mention the loss of smell as a symptom, it is worth pointing out that the advice DOES state that we should self-isolate and take extra precautions if you are displaying any symptoms at all, ‘however mild’.

What to do if you have recently lost your sense of smell:

As of last night, the government have enforced a complete ‘lockdown’ within the U.K. – a precaution that the French authorities undertook a week ago. Now that the ENT specialists have made the link between a loss of smell as a clue you may be a carrier of Covid-19, even if you don’t have a high temperature or a cough, if you live with other people, the advice is that you should take extra precations and self-isolate as much as possible within your own house.

This means not sharing bathrooms or kitchens, if at all possible. Where only one bathroom or kitchen is available, there are other measures you can take to prevent the spread of infection – such as not sharing towels or tea-towels, and information about how to thoroughly clean your shared living space.

Currently it seems the majority of those who did lose their sense of smell due to carrying the Covid-19 virus are reporting that they have fully recovered their sense of smell after around a month (much quicker in the case of one sufferer we know personally), though these are early days and much has still to be learned. Fifth Sense, a U.K. charity for those with smell and taste disorders, also have a useful article on their website regarding Covid-19 and the loss of smell.

Another source of contact for those who have lost their sense of smell – through a virus, due to medication or from birth – is the recently established charity AbScent which has lots of great advice on their website.

These are scary things to read, indeed, and of course worrying times for us all. But there is good news coming out of China, for those who are recovering and for whom life is slowly going back to (an albeit new) kind of normality. This has only been achieved by everyone working together, following the guidelines and self-isolating.

As difficult as this is, we CAN get through this together, and we shall emerge with a new sense of just how important it is to talk to our neighbours, to check in on the most vulnerable within our communities, and to grasp every moment of freedom and health with joy. Even if that’s only meeting a friend for coffee or going to an art gallery or literally stopping to smell the roses. How we shall treasure those moments anew when we can do them, freely, again.

And we shall do, we shall.

Stay safe, dear fragrant friends.

By Suzy Nightingale

Miller Harris shout-out for brand’s soap donations

Miller Harris have announced they’re donating hand wash, hand lotion and soaps to those most vulnerable in the UK – and are calling for other brands to join in if they can

In these unprecedented and troubling times, amidst much worry, people ARE doing good things. We’ve already highlighted how some beauty and fragrance brands are helping, and will be showcasing some more next week. But right now we want to join Miller Harris and their shout-out for brands to donate soap, where possible, to help the most vulnerable in our community.

We’ve just spoken to Sarah Rotheram, CEO of Miller Harris, and she explained this felt like a positive thing they could give back to the community – to ensure those most vulnerable – the elderly and the poor – can wash their hands. We know that soap and water and good hand hygeine can destroy the virus. We’ve been contacting brands ourselves, but we’d also like to post this shout-out so that if there are ANY brands out there who’d like to get involved…

In a letter sent to fellow brands, Sarah says:

‘Dear Friends and Colleagues.


As the apprehension around the COVID-19 virus spreads globally, I felt compelled to write and try to help in anyway that we possibly can. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected, our friends in China, Asia and Italy who have been affected for some time, and everyone globally now feeling the shock of the virus.

We do believe that the pause on the world is here for a reason and to remind us we are ‘all one world’ and together is how we will overcome this pandemic. As you all know, I am a huge optimist and there will be a silver lining as the world emerges from this a different place.

We are seeing huge acts of kindness amongst the gloom of the news, and it is these acts of kindness that bring us hope. As a small business we are aware that the next few weeks and months will be a huge challenge for us and all of our staff and partners and we will look to work together through this crisis.

We are partnering with Age UK to address the demand in the most at-risk sector and whilst we await more detailed stats, what we do want to do is urge other businesses who can help, to act now.

As a brand we will be donating our entire stock of hand wash, hand lotion and soaps to those most vulnerable in the UK. Our soaps will leave the warehouse tomorrow to reach the elderly and we are asking other brands to join us. It will be a sin if soap is sat in warehouses rather than reaching people where it can be of some help. The most venerable in our society will be the most affected and the best advice is to wash your hands regularly, so we need to donate what we can and get soap to those in need.

If others join us we can make a much bigger difference.

Our larger beauty colleagues are generously giving to hospitals and assisting governments and often as a small brand we can feel that it is hard to make a difference. Collectively we can have a huge impact.

We are a small brand so have 11,000 units, but I am writing to other small businesses to request if you can join us in making a positive difference to lives. Its time to give back and I think as a community we can make a difference.

This week we have already donated soaps and shower gels to food banks, as they are also facing shortages of supplies as people stock pile. They need support. Again, I am writing to see if you can possibly spare some soap to these organizations that are caring for those in need in these uncertain times.

Please join me in donating generously, and lets get the soap moving. If you are able to help please get in contact with Emma, Laurel and SJ via who will share logistical information and link you with Age UK.

Best wishes,

Sarah Rotheram
CEO, Miller Harris

If you are a small brand with stock to spare, or know of brands that might be able to get involved, please do share this information with them. Let’s all pull together in this troubling time and make sure the most vulnerable are helped.

By Suzy Nightingale

Molecule 05: our exclusive launch video interview with Geza Schoen

This is quite a day. New fragrances from Escentric Molecules don’t come along very often and we are very proud that The Perfume Society has been invited to mark the unveiling with an exclusive interview (and a prize draw, which you can enter here.)

So, ta-dah! Prepare for an encounter with the fifth duo of fragrances in their incredible collection – Molecule 05 and Escentric 05. Once again, this maverick perfume house is highlighting the technical artistry of synthetic aroma chemicals – this time showcasing Cashmeran. We were lucky enough to catch up with perfumer and founder Geza Schoen, to gain exclusive insight into this stunning duo…

Geza Schoen changed the face of the fragrance industry in 2006, a journey that in fact had begun way back in 1973, within a laboratory at IFF [International Flavors and Fragrances] and the creation of an aroma-molecule non-existent in nature: Iso E Super. Realising that aroma molecules existed that had the radiance and depth to stand alone, Schoen wanted to share this with the world, but the world was not yet ready, and it actually took another fifteen years from him first smelling Iso E Super in isolation to eventually forming his fragrance house.

With each release, two types of fragrances are launched: Molecule, which shows the artistry of the aroma chemical in isolation, and Escentric, a scent driven by the character of the Molecule, that allows the perfumer to play with naturals and other perfume materials, selecting notes that echo and support the original aroma chemical in the most mind-blowing ways.

Escentric Molecules fragrances are now stocked around the world and with a legion of loyal fans, who we know are going to be just as thrilled as we were to smell the NEW duo: Molecule 05 and Escentric 05.

Watch our exclusive interview with Geza Schoen, below, learn about why he chose to showcase Cashmeran in this duo, the inspiration (and smell memories) behind their creation, and how the reaction of a random stranger in a bar first pushed him to create his own fragrances…


So how DO they smell…?

Molecule 05 – ‘Nothing but the molecule Cashmeran pure and singular,’ says its creator. Cashmeran feels comforting, cocooning, whispering a slightly milky, musky softness with an underlying dry woodiness, and a hint of fresh air wafted across moutains and pine forests. This is one to reach for to subsume your skin in utter blissfulness, to feel like wearing a fragrant hug.

Escentric 05 – Geza Schoen explains it best, saying that it’s deceptively simplistic at first, with ‘…bergamot to keep things light, and orange, an ingredient which has an emotional tone to it, bright and happy. It reflects the orange groves that cover this island. Laurel and rosemary are typical Mediterranean plants with a spicy freshness, juniper brings a herbal tonality and cypress is a very dry, pungent wood.’

He continues: ‘The dry-down has two classic Mediterranean ingredients, cistus labdanum and mastic. Mastic is a resin produced by a small tree that grows especially near the sea. It has the clean sharp scent of newly-cut branches. Cistus is a small plant that grows everywhere in the Med. It has a sweet, leathery, balsamic quality which I love. And of course, there is around 15% of Cashmeran – which gives the fragrance its pine-y warmth. I also introduced a subtle fig, both the bitterness of the leaves and the ripeness of the fruit. Figs had to be in there because there is a fig tree by our house on the island. Fig feels authentic to the place, it reminds me of the happiness of summer by the sea.’

Escentric Molecules Molecule 05 £80 for 100ml eau de parfum

Escentric Molecules Escentric 05 £80 for 100ml eau de parfum

The Escentric Molecule 05 duo will be in-store (please check online for up-to-date store opening information) and online at

You will be excited to learn that the two fragrances are available in smaller sizes for on-the-go spritzing: £46 for 30ml cased unit, and £36 for the 30ml refill.

We cannot urge you enough to try both on your own skin – and revel in the meeting place of technical endeavour and creative mastery. Genius at work, for sure…

By Suzy Nightingale

Get set to post your #smellfie on March 21st!

National Fragrance Day is on March 21st every year, and we want you to all join in by putting your best face – and fragrance – forward for a #smellfie, to have fun and be in with a chance to WIN amazing perfume prizes...

Six years ago, at The Perfume Society we came up with the idea of the #smellfie – a selfie with a scent you love – to highlight this special day.

We will be going ahead with marking our annual #Smellfie Day on National Fragrance Day, Saturday 21st March 2020 – and we invite you to get involved.

Jo Fairley, co-founder of The Perfume Society, says:

‘We believe that we all need beauty in our lives right now – and beyond that, fragrance has the power to lift our spirits or even make us feel like we’re wearing a suit of armour.

To that end, we’re inviting followers and fragrant friends to post a photo of themselves with a favourite fragrance that unfailingly makes you feel more cheerful, or gives you a feeling of courage, that you can cope with anything. We all need to tap into fragrance’s magic power to do that, right now.

We send our best wishes to the fragrant community and will be doing all that we can to support perfume houses large and small through this and other activities, in a positive way that is nevertheless sensitive to the unprecedented times we’re living in.’

When we invented the #smellfie and posted our first pictures, little did we know it would lead to many thousands of fragrance fans all over the world sharing their photos, with celebrities (including Little Mix, Katy Perry, Charlotte Tilbury, and Richard E. Grant) joining in and, last year, the combined photos people posted getting over 41,000 likes!

Take a look at some previous winning #smellfie entiries to get an idea of how creative people can get with them! But don’t worry if you’re not up for painting yourself, getting in to costume or going full-out – some of our very favourites are simply people who post a picture holding their favourite fragrance and telling us *why* they love it so much. It’s such a feeling of the fragrance community coming together and truly celebrating scent.



This year we want you to help us make it even bigger, so here’s how you can get involved.

How to post your #smellfie on SATURDAY MARCH 21st, 2020

On Instagram: hashtag #smellfie and tag @theperfumesociety in your photo

On Facebook: hashtag #smellfie and tag @ThePerfumSociety in your photo

On Twitter: hashtag #smellfie and tag @Perfume_Society in your post/photo

After all the images are in, we’ll be choosing our top 5 favourites: the most inventive, the most artistic, the ones with the best captions! Every winner will receive a subscription to The Perfume Society’s VIP Club. The overall winner will receive a subscription and a fragrance bundle worth £300!

If winners are overseas, they will receive an International Subscription to The Scented Letter, our online magazine dedicated to scent, so an entire year’s worth of fragrant reading.

We’ll be re-posting and sharing some of our faves during the day, and will announce our overall winners here – wishing you all the very best of luck, and remember to have fun with it: this is a celebration of how fragrance can make us feel…

So, which fragrance will you choose, how will you pose and how many of your fragrant friends can you get to join in this year? We can’t WAIT to see!

Lastly, I really feel this is a great way to make use of social media during these strange and troubling times. With people staying at home and perhaps feeling very alone – let’s show how wonderful our fragrance community is, all over the world…

By Suzy Nightingale

Mayfair perfume walk – get a whiff of history!

If you’re a perfume lover (and we suppose you are, since you’re here!) then we know you’re going to love an historical Perfume Walk through London’s vibrant, heritage-rich Mayfair…

On March 21st, Perfumedaze are going to be sauntering through the world of scent, taking in the sights and smells of London’s historic fragrance houses, led by the very knowledgable Olga (who we often see at out own Perfume Society events, as she’s a long-time and very enthusiastic member!) So although we’re not organising the walk, we very much wanted to flag it up for fellow fragrance addicts.



Says Olga: ‘The perfume walk is an invite to have a glimpse of London history through perfumes, their creators and people who wore them. The tour takes about three hours during which walk we will visit heritage perfume shops and find out the exciting history of old English brands like Floris, Atkinson’s, Penhaligon’s and Grossmith. We will have access to places usually closed to public, like the Museum at Floris and the Georgian Suite at Atkinsons.


Floris offers an opportunity for a real time travel. The shop has been occupying the same premises for 290 years and is still run by the same family. Among his clients there are royals, famous people, actors and even literary characters. The visit to Floris also gives a chance to discuss what a unisex fragrance mean.


Atkinsons, meanwhile, is a real phoenix of the perfume industry connected to the king of English fashion Beau Brummell as well as Russian Royal Family, Queen Victoria and Sarah Bernard. We will also be walking on the street once famous for Turkish baths where William Penhaligon created his first fragrance. And the tour will finish in the mecca of modern perfumery, Jovoy Mayfair, where we will discover secrets of main perfume ingredients and discuss pros and cons of naturals and synthetics.’



All the details you need to know are on the Eventbrite ticket page, but the basics are that the walk is March 21st, 11am–2pm, and tickets cost £20 (non-refundable).

Traversing from the oldest houses still proudly proferring perfumes in the Captial, right through to exploring some of the most modern fragrances around – think of this as a way to time travel with your nose.

By Suzy Nightingale

Printed pouches to covet: Atelier Cologne’s Mother’s Day Limited Edition

We think mothers should be honoured every day, but when the March date comes around in the UK, we try to look for something particularly special. Enter Atelier Cologne‘s Limited Edition Mother’s Day packaging.

Packaging is something niche fragrance house, Atelier Cologne, have always excelled in, and this time round is no different. All your fragrant needs wrapped up in the most iconic of Liberty print pouches. The Atelier Cologne pouches are a mainstay item in all of their stores and counters, usually leather and customisable with an inscription service – this time they come all dressed up in Liberty London fabric prints, and we’re awarding them with the title of ‘most handbag worthy travel perfume’.

The pouches dress up any of their 30ml travel sizes, meaning you can adorn any of their favourite fragrances in the dazzling fabrics. A gift we’re sure she’ll love…

Atelier Cologne Limited Edition Mother’s Day pouches are available exclusively at Selfridges from £165 



Written by Carson Parkin-Fairley 

Fragrant gins we love – the list gets longer!

Our discovery of Theodore Pictish Gin made the list of ‘fragrant gins we love’ get longer, and we would like you to consider for a moment the many hours The Perfume Society team have devoted to this research for you and you alone, dear reader.

A little while ago we shared with you some of our favourite gins infused with ingredients more often sniffed in scents – inviting you to stop and sip the roses – but having been introduced to Theodore Gin at a ‘Gin & Pefume’ evening in London recently, we wanted to share our latest fragrant finding with you too.

Inspired by the lost civilisation of the Picts, this aromatic Scottish gin is actually an experiemental batch, and includes six scented botanicals of pine, damask rose, pomelo and bourbon vetiver – ‘distilled in a multi-stage process using an old charentais still alongside a rotovap to extract the best flavours and aromas from each distinct botanical.’



The makers explain that, ‘Pomelo is distilled in old Charentais still at ‘feu nu’ to extract the elegant citric notes of the fruit. Ginger is double distilled again in Charentais in order to extract woody warmth and powdery spiciness. Honey and fresh pine needles are distilled under vacuum using a rotavapor to preserve the freshness of the botanicals. Coriander, juniper, pink pepper, chamomile, kaffir limes, orris, cardamom and lavender are distilled in classical London Dry style

After distillation and blending, we further infuse Theodore Gin with Oolong tea, which gives it a green-grassy astringency that adds layers of complexity as well as balancing the natural sweetness of the gin, as well as giving the liquid a pale straw colour.

This intricate and delicate elixir is the product of a perfumer and two master distillers, one British and one French, combining old and new techniques.’

Having sampled this aromatic gin in three differing cocktails (for research purposes) we can tell you that the lavender and smoky coolness of the vetiver are certainly very noticable to our noses, as were the warm tingle of ginger balanced against the soft powder of orris and gentle tea undertones in the taste.

For true fragrant gin connoisseurs, best sipped with a non-obtrusive tonic alone, we feel, and perhaps with a creatively foraged garnish to compliment the floral notes most? We shall be looking forward to conducting further scented research throughout the warmer days to come, either way…

Theodore Pictish Gin £45

By Suzy Nightingale