Trojan™ Condoms – The Fragrance (yes, really!) But are they woody…?

I’m not sure how many of you had Trojan Condoms launching a fragrance on your 2021 Bingo Card of Continuing Weirdness, but here we are.

It shouldn’t be too surprising, given our previous report on Novelty Fragrances, which included a Captain Birds Eye scent (grapefruit, mandarin and patchouli, apparently), Pizza Hut Perfume (‘boasting top notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough’) a ‘limited edition’ (oh, shame) KFC Gravy Candle, Burger King fragrance and even an Eau de Stilton (which actually sounded lovely, and I have on good authority from expert James Craven, was rather fabulous on the skin.)

Last year, Richard Branson even got in on the act, releasing an eau de parfum named Ship, which was tongue-firmly-in-cheek described as ‘smelling like ship!’ We never got a whiff of this one, either – and though the fragrance was launched, one wonders if the new Virgin luxury cruise liner it was designed to celebrate ever was, due to the pandemic. Oh dear.

So many questions spring to mind for these condom-related scents, though… Are they woody, exactly how hard will it be to get to smell these Trojan Fragrances – and what might we expect when we do?

The website features a distinctly ‘retro’ feeling ad and the option to sign up for a sample to be sent (though they’re based in America, and cannot be sent abroad) – offering For Men, For Women and For All olfactory options.

For Man apparently ‘opens with fresh peppermint, green cardamom, and mandarin, giving it a crisp and confident feel. It then mixes with jasmine sambac, nutmeg, and rockrose before unfolding into rich frankincense, patchouli, and amberwood, creating the perfect scent for those who want to spark attraction and create desire.’ For Women, meanwhile, promises ‘Turkish rose and saffron… Casablanca lily, Madagascar vetiver, orris, and clean patchouli for a sexy and sensual tease that leaves an aura of mystery and intrigue.’

[We might note that the ‘doing what you want’ and ‘following your instinct’ appears to be slightly differently interpreted for men and women in the movie clips embedded in the fragrance pages. A leather jacket for men, fluffy handcuffs for women…]

Finally, the For All fragrance is an ‘…aromatic union of fougere and amber’ that mixes ‘lime, lemon, and orange to give it a flirty feel. An earthy rosemary, geranium, and violet combination unfolds into smokey sandalwood, patchouli, amber, and tobacco…’ As for the ad on the For All page… well. Let’s hope that’s paint, love.

The Trojan Fragrance notes do sound rather good, but while we might not be able to tell you exactly how they smell, we loved the glimpse of the sample packaging on industry expert George Lede’s Instagram page which, you have to hand it to them, is complete genius…


Trojan Fragrances & samples – photo by George Ledes


If you’re hungry for more, you can read our report on Peperami’s ‘Puperami’ meat-scented spray that supposedly lures lost dogs. An alternative kind of fragrant attraction this year for Valentine’s Day, perhaps…?

By Suzy Nightingale

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