Fragrances For… a Mediterranean Cruise

With so many beloved fragrances taking their inspiration from places around the Mediterranean, we thought it the ideal time to take a cruise through some truly stunning scents based on locations we dearly wish we were in right now. Looking for a perfume to bring back specific scent memories of Mediterranean locations? Or perhaps you can’t get away this year and are longing for olfactory escapism? Explore some of these and spritz on the sunshine…


Eight & Bob Cap D’Antibes (France)

‘Albert Fouquet enjoyed long holidays, that extended from spring until the last days of summer, in Antibes. Unforgettable mornings were spent sailing in the Grande Bleue, golden sunsets were enjoyed, and balmy evenings were enlivened with exclusive celebrities and charming parties. Albert dreamt about these summers during cold Parisian winters. Like any artist who strives for perfection, he spent many weeks delicately crafting a fragrance that captured the essence of his memories of those long summer days. The result was Cap D’Antibes…’

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Ferragamo Signorina Libera (Italy)

Taking its cue from the spirit of having ‘the courage to be yourself, to spread your energy with no fear and the confidence to be free’ – embodied in the Italian word for freedom – this is an easy-to-wear hug of happiness. Sun-warmed Calabrian bergamot segues to buttery orris and rose absolute all drizzled with delicious plum nectar, then wrapped in the fluffy comfort of cashmere woods and flecked with pink pepper. It’s one of those you’ll reach for time and again, a scent that feels invigorating yet reassuring. Viva Libera!

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Manos Gerakinis (Greece)

Quite incredibly the first Greek luxury niche perfume house, Gerakins’ collection showcases fragrances inspired by the history, art and mythology of the country, each radiating the poetry and passion of their founder. Quintessence is a refined woody ambrée fragrance, with sizzling saffron, clove and black pepper; Sillage Royal was originally created for Manos himself – a hug of woody ambrée via smoke, cardamon, saffron and curcuma. Rose Poetique dramatically combines damask rose and labdanum to create a floral ambrée as addictive as it sensual, while Pivoine references Paeon, the physician of Greek gods, with crisp red apple slicing through the blossomy softness. Immortelle pays homage to the iconic yellow flower whose story dates back to the Trojan war; gently spiced with clove and cinnamon; and Omen is a fruity-spicy-ambrée fragrance that’s sweet and juicy, lusciously alluring yet bags of fun to wear.

Each full-size fragrance is priced between £165 and £260 for 100ml eau de parfum, or try them all in the Manos Gerakinis Discovery Set£35 for all 6 samples




Nishane Hacivat (Turkey)

Although Istanbul has been on the trade map for thousands of years – famed for spices, silk and flowers (particularly roses), it’s extraordinary to realise this is their first fine fragrance house. Hurrah for that, we say, with scents like this honouring Turkish cultural traditions in contemporary style. As the house so beautifully puts it: ‘…this eau chypre will help you live in your best dreams by the everlasting sparkles of its joyful structure made of the stimulating notes of pineapple and bergamot backed with the genuinely woody notes. Enjoy being loved with this blissful scent…’ And, oh, how you will!

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Written by Suzy Nightingale

Richard Branson’s new fragrance ‘smells like ship’…

We’ve already had weird and wonderful novelty perfumes that smell of pizza, burgers and Stilton cheese, candles inspired by fried chicken and more recently, a fragrance evoking the twinkle in Captain Birdseye‘s eye – but now the captain has a new seafairing scent to contend with: Richard Branson’s signature scent, Ship No.1. And apparently, ‘…it smells like ship!’

That’s not me being salty – I am sadly bereft of a sample to lavishly spray about my person, so I cannot tell you how it actually smells – but it’s how Branson himself proudly describes the fragrance in the extremely amusing Virgin Voyages advert, for which he places his tongue firmly in his cheek. Watch the video below and get a true sense of this ship fragrance for yourself…



Ship No.1 is more than merely a novelty item, though, as this ‘signature scent of Scarlet Lady,’ has been released to mark the launch of Virgin Voyages first ship. Nicknamed ‘Ladyships’ (as they will all have female names), the fragrance apparently ‘evokes the feeling of being at sea with its hint of sea lavender and salt air contrasted against the warmth of sun-kissed wood from a fig tree.’ What’s more, Ship No.1 will be infused throughout the ‘adult by design’ (nobody under the age of 18 will be allowed aboard the vessel) Scarlet Lady once it sets sail.

Elaborating about the fragrance for their on-brand website,, Virgin Voyages explain their inspiration. ‘…when somebody walks into the room and says, “It smells like something in here, but I just can’t put my finger on it.” Let them know. It smells like ship.



Other videos by Virgin Voyages, available on YouTube, show plans for the ship’s layout, including a restaurant with ‘nice’ food – vegetarian – that can be made ‘naughty’ by the addition of visiting the meat buffet; a ‘mermaid spa’ that turns into a party at night, complete with DJ and disco lights; a ‘singles deck’ for solo travellers, and the intriguingly themed ‘drag lunch’, details of which are not yet forthcoming. I do very much hope it’s a bunch of drag queens still hungover from the night before and making use of the meat buffet while holding court with salty anecdotes, though. If so, I’ll be booking a ticket today, and possibly considering permanent residency.

If these delights are not enough to tempt you aboard, or if you can’t quite afford such ‘Ladyship’ luxuries – at least you can drown your sorrows by smelling ‘like Ship’, I suppose, as it’s avalable for pre-order today.


Ship No.1 $50 for 100ml Parfum de Bateau*

*(A bateau is ‘a light flat-bottomed riverboat used in Canada’, according to my Googling skills)

By Suzy Nightingale