Scented candles & diffusers for a cosy (& fabulously fragrant) home

There’s a certain delight in making your home feel cosy in autumn – even if you’re pining for the warmer weather – and one of the best ways of doing this is to switch up your home fragrances for autumn via snuggly scented candles and fragrance diffusers.


You don’t have to go full in on cinnamon and clove or spiced orange scents yet: that might feel a bit Christmas-sy too early? (But hey – if you’re already humming carols and contemplating putting your tree up, we’re not here to judge, so you do you!) So, those of us who want to feel cosy but not full-on winter vibes yet could plump for pine forest like perfumed candles or opt for a woody diffuser that feels like a breath of autumnal air wafts around your house. Others may like a tingle of spice but added to floral notes for a sumptuous scented space to enjoy.

Whichever option you plump for, here’s our perfumed pick of perfect home scents to look for right now…


Cochine Agarwood & Amber Candle £45 for 230g

This rich, woody candle combines agarwood with the warmth of white amber, tuberose and patchouli. Known as ‘Wood of the Gods’, agarwood is highly sought after due to the unique richness of its fragrance.



La Montaña Alfredo’s Cafe Candle £39 for 220g

Rich and warm, this evocative blend of black tobacco, coffee and brandy will transform your space. ‘This was one of our very first four fragrances and the most complex we’ve ever had to formulate – taking over forty drafts to perfect.’




Cochine Juniper & Ginger Diffuser £60 for 150ml 

Combining the crisp scent of juniper with the sweet spiciness of ginger, reminiscent of lush, green woods and exotic, evergreen mountains; this uplifting scent has hints of clove, bergamot and patchouli with the freshness of eucalyptus.




Stories Parfums Nº.02 Bougie Parfumée Scented Candle Trio £95 for 3 x 70g

Uniquely splitting the notes of the fine fragrance between three candles, you can dot these around your room to create the ideal harmonious ‘scent-scape’, with velvety moss, moonlit herbs and roses, wisps of smoke and honeyed wood.







Cochine Vanille & Tabac Noir Diffuser £60 for 150ml

Classic notes of vanilla bean and warm hints of patchouli are balanced with soft, sensual tones of tobacco flower. Extracts of cardamon, nutmeg and basil, lend a delicate spiciness to create an overall effect that is rich and sultry.


Written by Suzy Nightingale