Dominique Ropion: Aphorisms of a Perfumer

Aphorisms of a Perfumer, by Dominique Ropion.

Often called ‘the master of flowers’ or, sometimes, ‘the king of rose’, Dominique Ropion is one of the greatest perfumers working today. Having created fragrances for just about every house you care to mention, from the groundbreaking Mugler Alien to the heart-stoppingly stupendous Portrait of a Lady for Frédéric Malle, really, this book could simply list everything he’s ever done, and we’d be impressed. But reading this is akin to going for a walk through a scented garden with Ropion, as he gradually reveals snippets of the things he’s learned over the years. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a ‘nose’, and how we agree with his assertion that, ‘An event, place or encounter will always be associated with a perfume or scent, serving as an infallible and trusty aide-mémoire, a formula we do not always recognise but available if we need it.’ We’re sure so many people’s memories are forever connected with at least one of his fragrances…

Publisher: NEZ Littérature

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