Feel Fabulous with these Fragrances!

Fragrances truly can help you feel fabulous – it’s something we’ve always believed at The Perfume Society (indeed, partly why we launched, nearly a decade ago, now!) and no matter your mood, there’s a scent that can strike a chord to the very centre of your soul. Such instantly uplifting – or genuinely grounding – moments are to be treasured even more in the colder, darker days. That’s why we have put together the perfect edit of perfumes to see you through the season: from party-going room-rockers to more gently soothing scents; and with everything in-between. Need a wake-me-up moment of clarity, or something to make you feel instantly chic (and perhaps a little mysterious)? We’ve got you covered.


Indeed, we’ve tested all these ourselves to ensure you’ll feel fabulous from dawn to dusk, no matter the occasion, weather, or what your days holds… because feeling truly fabulous, to us, means allowing yourself to explore untapped facets of your personality, as well as creating a signature ‘you in a bottle’ feeling of recognition. The really fabulous thing, of course, is that perfume does this invisibly – so you don’t need to don a superhero costume or wear a ballgown to the supermarket or dye your hair magenta (unless you want to, which we highly encourage!) Instead, scents seem to work with our psyche ­– with the ability to both outwardly project our innermost personalities, or to bolster bravado, energy, or playfulness we might otherwise struggle to don the mantle of amidst the ongoing daily chaos of our lives.

How to Feel Fabulous in a New Fragrance?


Your taste in fragrance changes over the years – just as in food preference – and depends on weather, what you’ve eaten recently, your mood and hormones. So, take your time to explore a new scent out of your comfort range.


Spray on a blotter first and come back to it at hourly intervals. Write down your initial thoughts, then re-try a few days (and weeks) later.


Many perfumers trained for more years than a heart surgeon, memorising ingredients by connecting their smell to personal scent memories and images that immediately spring to mind, unbidden.


Smell has no distinct language. If you’re struggling to describe a scent, try likening it to fabric (is it velvety, suede-like, cotton fresh, silken or fluffy?) Perhaps it reminds you of music (played on which instruments? Fast or slow?) Or you might picture a place – imagine the air temperature and scenery it evokes…


Your nose gets used to smelling the same things, so avoid wearing the same thing daily. Try layering to re-awaken your senses or branch out with exciting new discoveries!


Like all artists, perfumers tend to have a certain style. If you fall in love with one (we’re predicting several) of these, research them online: we bet you’ll fall for others.


Scent molecules are volatile and evaporate at differing rates. Citruses are lightest, often found in top notes and disappearing rapidly; florals tend to be in the heart while base notes are heavier, woody or resinous. Make these stages last FAR longer by using matching or unscented body lotion, spray into your hair or on clothes (after testing on tissue!)

Undecided? Spray on a scarf rather than skin: you can take it off and sniff again, later! Spraying on fabric (or your hair) also helps make it last far longer as the molecules don’t warm up so quickly (or evaporate) as on skin. As does…


Use an unscented (or matching) body lotion or oil. Fragrance doesn’t last long on dry skin (or in hot climates). It clings far longer to moisturised skin – so slather up, then spray.


Fragrance samples are THE best way to try new things, dive nose-first into a whole new house you’ve never tried or perhaps a differing perfume family than you’d normally go for.


So, with all this in mind, may we tempt you to explore which fabulous version of you might be in store with each of the carefully curated scents we’ve chosen for The Fabulous Fragrances Discovery Box…?

Fabulous Fragrances Discovery Box

£23 (or £19 for VIPs)


ADSCENTURE Holographic

TOP NOTES: Magnolia, Bergamot, Mango

HEART NOTES: Sea Breeze, Jasmine Sambac, Rose

BASE NOTES: Tonka Bean, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Utterly intriguing (even slightly metallic) floral shapeshifts to warm amber as it melds seamlessly with your skin. Fabulous For: keeping them guessing.


CREED Carmina

TOP NOTES: Black Cherry, Saffron, Pink Pepper

HEART NOTES: Rose de Mai, Violet, Cashmere Wood, Peony

BASE NOTES: Frankincense, Myrrh, Amber, Musk

Modernity infused with charismatic elegance, this sultry cherry scent is bang on trend and vibrating with energy. Fabulous For: falling in love.


EAU.MG Flor Funk

TOP NOTES: Pear, Violet Leaf

HEART NOTE: Orange Flower

BASE NOTES: Moss, Musk, Sandalwood

Orange flower delivers an immediate hit of sunshine, while juicy pear trickles to a mossy, snuggled base. Fabulous For: dancing in the rain.



NOTES: Iso E Super, Black Tea

Addictive as the iconic original, shot through with sophisticated leather and hay-like facets, it’s an all-day wrist-sniffer. Fabulous For: causing a sensation.


GOLDFIELD & BANKS Ingenious Ginger

TOP NOTES: Australian Ginger Accord, Bergamot, Lemon

HEART NOTES: Magnolia, Jasmine, Rose, Mandarin

BASE NOTES: Australian Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla, Musk, Cashmeran, Amber

Radiating with a gilded sparkle – like a handful of glitter thrown joyously in the air – it’s succulent yet warmly sizzling. Fabulous For: spontaneous parties.


GRANADO Expediçāo

TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Lemon, Black Pepper

HEART NOTES: Iris, Frankincense, Pine

BASE NOTES: Amber, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Delicately evoking a ‘journey through the Atlantic rainforest’ the beautifully verdant notes and woody base hints at hushedness. Fabulous For: escaping.



TOP NOTES: Pear, Bergamot, Pink Pepper

HEART NOTES: Rose, Jasmine

BASE NOTES: White Musk, Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedar

Gorgeously, a perfume that feels perfectly ‘you’, radiating understated confidence, with a trail that always beguiles. Fabulous For: everyday chicness.


MALIN + GOETZ Strawberry

TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Strawberry, Pink Pepper

HEART NOTES: Jasmine Petals, Woodland Greens

BASE NOTES: Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Musk, Orris Root

Never sickly, the strawberry here’s deconstructed, cleverly celebrating the lifecycle from dewy leaves to budding fruit. Fabulous For: mindful moments.


MIZENSIR Palissandre Night

TOP NOTES: Nutmeg, Ambrox, Cetalox

HEART NOTES: Cypriol, Cistus, Elemi, Guaiac Wood

BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk

Contrasting misty, cool and resinously warm notes, the stillness invites you to wander a moonlit forest at midnight. Fabulous For: Night Owls seeking space.



TOP NOTES: Orange Blossom Absolute, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Cardamom

HEART NOTES: Bourbon Vanilla, Elemi

BASE NOTES: Ambrox, Guaiac Wood, Praline, Musk

Leading the new wave of gourmand fragrances, a freshness, and hints of smoke balance the luscious sweetness. Fabulous For: sophisticated seductions.



TOP NOTES: Pink Pepper, Ginger, Raspberry

HEART NOTES: Creamy Rose, Ylang Ylang

BASE NOTES: Powdery Musk, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Taking inspiration from artistic imagery and the process of photography, brightness zings to dreamy creaminess. Fabulous For: being your best self.



TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Clary Sage

HEART NOTES: Geranium, Orange Flower, Costus

BASE NOTES: Oakmoss, Vetiver, Tonka Bean

Embracing the connection between music and scent, and the legendary designer’s favourite ingredients. Fabulous For: contemporary vintage glam


PENHALIGON’S Quercus Hand & Body Wash / Lotion

TOP NOTES: Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Bergamot, Galbanum

HEART NOTES: Jasmine, Lily of the valley, Cardamom

BASE NOTES: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

From the Latin for ‘Oak’, it’s simply timeless, nostalgic yet always right for right now. Speaking for you, silently assuring. Fabulous For: effortless elegance.

Scents Inspired by Scotland – for St Andrews Day & Always

At this time of year, we grab every single chance to celebrate in fragrant form, and so for St Andrews Day this time, we are nodding to the Patron Saint of Andrew the Apostle in a scented salute. Of course, these are perfect to be worn all year around, but oh goodness they come into their own during the seemingly endless, long, grey days. By turns warming, whimsical, and wonderful – how glorious it is to see Scotland (and ingredients that shall forever be associated with Scotland) showcased in these scents. Which would you like to try first, we wonder…?

Kingdom Scotland Metamorphic

Inspired by founder Imogen Russon-Taylor’s first career, where her nose became refined distilling whisky before perfume tempted her to a new path, you can read more of Kingdom Scotland’s fascinating founding story here. But meanwhile, we urge you to revel in the splash of Islay malt amidst black pepper, tobacco, incense, minerals and rose absolute. Metamorphosing on the skin as it’s warmed to reveal a base of amber resin and leather, it’s the perfect winter warmer.

£120 for 50ml eau de parfuin our shop

Sarah Baker Tartan Extrait

This is a classic of the collection that’s been adored since the scents were first launched. Sarah Baker, the nose for this one, is better known as the founder of quirky British house 4160 Tuesdays, but here collaborated with Baker to compose this marvel. Picture it: A fire is roaring in the library. You savour a rare single malt. Warmth and heritage envelope you after a walk through mossy ruins in Scotland’s Highlands. Autumnal.

£145 for 50ml extrait de parfum In Our Shop

Misty mornings beckon, mellow light and stillness, winter sunshine and crisp air reflected in this so-evocative scent that sings of heathered hills, spiderwebs jewelled with dew drops, invigorating citrus soon segueing to the soothing floral heart. Wisps of warmer day’s memories are married to a snuggle-me-closer tonka and orris base that is softness personified. Fresh and classic all at once, and we’re loving the on-brand hipflask-esque bottle.
£49 for 50ml eau de parfum barbour.com

Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract

The resinous warmth of Scottish oak-casked whisky is laced through this blend of their black tea, rose and juniper aromatic sensation, and harks back to the heritage of this cheekily eccentric brand. Though warming, it retains the brightness of a Cologne while roaming through the gloaming, a sense of skipping through the heather with a wicked twinkle in your eye. One to wear now when you still require an extra layer of softness to snuggle into but can also enjoy long into the warmer months once again.

£135 for 100ml eau de Cologne atkinsons1799.com

MEMO Inverness

Swirled with orris butter for soft powdery tones, salty-iodic amyris is ‘overdosed’ with herbaceous Mate absolute. Milky sandalwood laps smoky guaiacwood and the forest-y feeling of cedar, meanwhile, for a scent that speaks of this ‘land of peat, heather and golden rain, beyond the senses, aptly known as the capital of the Highlands…’ Undulating from bracing freshness to mist-shrouded mystery, it veritably throbs with longing for adventure, the woods were chosen to be “each more captivating and fragrant than the last.”

£230 for 75ml eau de parfum uk.memoparis.com

CHANEL Scent Matching Experience


Did you know that Chanel offers a Scent Matching Experience? Nor did I. But I recently had the opportunity to try this out at their new store in Battersea Power Station. It is available at any Chanel store worldwide where they stock the Les Excusifs range. It can be done as a walk-in, but booking is recommended.


I thought I should do some swotting up on the Chanel range beforehand. There are an astonishing number of fragrances. Yet how many can you name beyond No5, Coco and Allure? There are eighteen in the Les Exclusifs range alone. Each reflecting part of Coco Chanel’s life. Her birth sign was Leo, hence Le Lion, and the animal became her totem. From the notes and descriptions, I’d thought I’d picked out a fragrance ideal for me and was curious to see if the Scent Matching would pair me with this.


I sat down in the boutique with the lovely Sam. After some initial chat, she asked me if I had any notes I particularly liked, which I do, its always amber fragrances that work for me. Do I have any hobbies? I used to play a lot of sport, these days I am a keen spectator. Was I looking for something every day or a special occasion? I wear what I want, whatever the occasion. Sam then took a walk around the store and returned with three blotters.


The first was an instant hit. All the amber warmth I love cocooning and caressing the skin. Sensuous and rich.


The second was beautiful. It still had the amber voluptuousness, but it just wasn’t quite right for me – too bold maybe.


The third choice is always a wild card. I was instantly transported to playing fields – fresh, lush, green grass under my feet, a clear blue sky overhead with warm rays of bright sunlight shimmering down.

I could then choose one of the three. Being right-handed, Sam then massaged my right forearm and hand with Chanel body oil, sprayed both left and right wrists with my choice. The difference in tone and depth of the fragrance with the body oil is significant, boosting the silage and longevity.


What a wonderful way to spend an hour or so, nosing through perfumes picked to suit you. Which did I choose? The wild card, of course. Sam said it’s uncanny how many customers do – perhaps it is because the staff are all so knowledgeable on their products and pinpointing a perfume that can enhance aspects of a customer’s life. And what were those fragrances? Coromandel, Mademoiselle Intense and Les Exclusifs Eau de Cologne.


I left very happy with a new fragrance that I would not have selected on my own – and, no, none of these were the one I chose from the notes before I’d sniffed them. So do take advantage of this free service and find a Chanel fragrance perfect for you.


Written by Alison at the Perfume Society.

Christmas 2022 Prize Wordsearch

This Christmas we are challenging you with our perfume puzzle and delighted to bring you the unique chance to win FIVE bottles of premium perfume! That’s a total of 290ml of EDP and 100ml of extrait, with a value of £954! A year’s worth of fine fragrance !

All for you or to share with loved ones?

Encens Roi 120ml EDP by Histoires de Parfums, a mysterious whisper, between the hallowed purity of Frankincense and the mystical warmth of precious balsams, Encens Roi is an ode to the most scented and ancient of offerings.

Fan Your Flames 50ml extrait by Nishane, depicts a lovely night-out with the company of loved ones smoking shisha with coconut, enjoying the nice chat, anticipating better days to come! Enjoy the good moods to celebrate life!


Vita 100ml EDP by Memoize London, the summation of your past experiences, endeavours and adventures, complex yet elevating. Each one helps make you who you are today: beautifully unique, embracing everything life has to offer in your individual way.

Rose de Pushkar 70ml EDP by Ella K, a proud, majestic, flashy rose, ignited by wood.

Baniyas 50ml extrait by Widian, ushers you towards a harmonious sensation of the floral mixture with Lavender and a soury twist with Bergamot meets the special spices of Patchouli and Sandalwood base notes.


Find all the listed words hidden in the grid. All words run in a straight line either forward, backwards or diagonally. There is one word in the list that cannot be found in the grid. Type the word you think is missing in the answer box below to enter the draw. One lucky winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries. The competition closes at midnight on 31st December 2022. The winner will be contacted via email early in the New Year. The prize can only be delivered within the UK.


Tip: You may find it easier to print off the puzzle grid to complete.








Latest Launches: Scents for the Gents

From Acqua di Parma to Invictus Legend, this week’s latest launches are designed for men, yet so sublime that women will want them too. From breezy Tuscan Cypress to Creed‘s legendary Aventus, each one has a touch of the suave and a soupçon of summer.



Nothing says summer like seeing the iconic blue of Acqua di Parma’s bottles, and here we’re jetting to a secluded island in the Mediterranean (yes please, immediately!) to be surrounded by the serenity of nature. Close your eyes and feel the sunshine warm your soul as a star anise and bright elemi accord is illuminated by sparkling citrus notes of orange and petit grain, while sage, lavandin, cypress and pine provide the shade, perfectly.
£112 for 150ml eau de toilette

Master perfumer Jacques Cavallier once again evokes the intricate beauty of gemstones, this time a trilogy of musks with a masculine edge paying tribute to Australian white opal, Madagascan red jasper and here, the falcon’s eye of Brazil. This legendary stone’s blue-green iridescence shimmers through layers of decadent black musk, profoundly supple tanned leather notes and a downy cloak of rich agarwood. Despite the opulence, a verdant blaze transcends throughout the intricate complexities.
£223 for 100ml eau de parfum
Just as you enter the spicy beginnings, the woody heart and warming base resonate with unanticipated thrums of juicy freshness and mouth-watering appeal. Then, a surprise appearance of heady patchouli in the heart gets up close and personal with a balmy resin-rush of styrax as the Cologne dries down. We salute this fresh spin on bestselling Aventus, with fresh mandarin replacing pineapple of the classic, and a long-lasting, fruity/musk dry-down that resonates beautifully.
£215 for 100ml eau de parfum


Light Blue is shot through with the warmth of the Italian sun for summer 2019 – a study in contrasts between a chilled cocktail of Italian bergamot and frozen grapefruit, and the warmth of ginger. Cedarwood, cypress, coconut water and rosemary make for a cool-in-every-way heart, with oakmoss, white musks, vetiver and vanilla in the after-glow. An easy-breezy ozonic accord bathes the whole composition, meanwhile, delivering the allure of salty, sun-kissed skin.
£53 for 75ml eau de toilette
Domitille Bertier and Nicolas Beaulieu are the perfumer dream team behind this new interpretation of blockbuster Invictus. Intense, spicy-woody, it contrasts ‘fresh adrenaline and hot, powerful woods’, we’re told, with ‘a metallic freshness that blasts through desert heat’. How’s that achieved? Contrasting notes of geranium, green laurel and salty grapefruit are pitched against smoky guaiac wood, red amber and honey, to great effect. Go on, award yourself the Invictus Legend ‘trophy’ bottle.
From £53 for 50ml eau de parfum


Latest Launches: Glamour and glitz galore!

Breathtaking blossoms, Vanilla Vibes, and Riviera chic, they’re all here in this week’s latest launches. Will you swoon for Sahara Blue or succumb to Sana Jardin? Add a touch of Chanel Paris-Riveria, some HUGE sunglasses, and you’re ready, jet-set, GO!

Longstanding Burberry perfumer Francis Kurkdjian tells us this fresh, airy interpretation of Burberry Her was ‘inspired by London’s parks in spring.The combination of plum blossoms, citrus notes and delicate peony petals create an unexpected floral breeze, and the addition of creamy sandalwood and hints of musk combine in this enveloping signature of enduring femininity.’ The so-pretty-in-pink flacon is inspired by an archival Burberry design, meanwhile – definitely our kind of hip flask.
From £44 for 30ml eau de toilette


The latest olfactory flag on the map of Gabrielle Chanel’s life is firmly planted by Olivier Polge in the sands of the Côte d’Azur, making a quartet (following Biarritz, Deauville, Venise). Evoking the sun-drenched paradise Chanel helped to popularise, this is a bouquet of sheer summer petals, weaving together fresh citrus notes, jasmine and a special quality of neroli from orange blossoms harvested in the South of France, warmed by benzoin and sandalwood.
£99 for 125ml eau de toilette

The richness of vanilla cut through with a healthy sprinkle of sea salt plunges us immediately to childhood memories of the beach, sandy picnics and sticky fingers hastily licked as ice cream melts. Natural vanilla absolute is noticeable in the opening, but take a while to drip fully to the orchid-laden heart – and all the while a transparency prevents the sweetness from overtaking, a tremulous sunshine-filled daydream that shivers in the breeze.
£110 for 100ml eau de parfum

Transporting us to the dunes of the Sahara desert under an infinite canopy of stars, there’s a grandeur granted to the seemingly humble ingredients of lemon, fresh ginger, pink pepper and the crisp greenness of Granny Smith apples. Juicy top notes, lavender and jasmine Sambac entwine with coriander, with a sunset slashing the cobalt blue sky as the softest swathe of oakmoss and a tingle of amber inhabit the suddenly chilled air.
£290 for 50ml eau de parfum

Sana Jardin are helping to put sustainability firmly on the scent agenda, a brand created primarily as a vehicle for social change, offering fragrances (by the esteemed Carlos Benaïm) which are exquisite enough to convert any eco-refusenik. They don’t launch newness every five minutes – au contraire – but introductions like this are worth waiting for, heady with tuberose, jasmine and French narcissus, freshened by lemon and ultimately smoothed by soft musks. Hypnotic, we’re finding.
From £180 for 100ml eau de parfum
Colognes are definitely having a moment – and with creations like this, we couldn’t be happier. Alberto Morillas’s modern reinterpretation of the centuries-old, classic construction – first invented in the XVII Century – lifts the spirits via vibrant Calabrian bergamot, rosemary, juniper and Spanish cypress essences, plus a floral breath of violet and heliotropine. No blink-and-you-miss it Cologne, however, it ultimately wraps skin in long-lasting layers of sensual patchouli, cedarwood and white musks.
From £52.50 for 50ml Cologne


Latest Launches: Chic, sleek and fantastique!

With musk, fruit, flowers and more than a touch of cool, this week’s latest launches will make a dreamy addition to any collection. Will you flirt with Floral, marvel at Musk Shamal or be enticed by Electric Rhubarb? The fun begins with choosing…


Exclusive to Harrods until early autumn is this Julie Massé creation for Armani’s haute couture perfumery line, which sets out to capture ‘the air of the desert, dancing across the sand dunes of Arabia.’ It’s a deep dive into amber and cedarwood, armfuls of rose and jasmine, powering out of the onyx-coloured glass bottle on a tide of NoreenalTM, a modern, breezy aldehyde. Expect dust storms of musk, too, with vanilla further buffing the edges.
£225 for 100ml eau de parfum

A deeper, darker reinvention of Atkinson’s delicate 1929 creation Black Tulip, Fabrice Pellegrin’s Tulipe Noire is as enchanting as its original petalled namesake, with a contemporary feel. A spicy, warm coriander comes alive when shot through with a dazzling bergamot. The opulent floral heart of tuberose and jasmine sings, before the hushed whispers of musk, sandalwood and cedar are heard. Calming and soothing yet elegant: a veil of a scent.
£130 for 100ml eau de parfum


Effervescent bubbliness abounds with sparkling rhubarb popping the cork on a frothy gush of gardenia, exotic frangipani and radiant jasmine Sambac. Already we’re in the sunshine and partying – tinkling laughter and clinking glasses the backdrop to a happy-making fragrance that’ll have you wanting to kick off your shoes and dance barefoot on the lawn. Perfumer Jérome Epinette has done it again – revolutionising notes we thought we knew, making them fresh, relevant, utterly wearable.
£58 for 50ml eau de parfum
floralstreet.comJIMMY CHOO
Constructed around the magnificence of the magnolia flower, this new eau de toilette represents contemporary femininity with a luminous sweet pea and apricot flower accord swirling around the central flower in a flurry of petals ruffled by a warm summer breeze of Ambroxan, musks and blonde woods. Perfumer Louise Turner says she wanted to create a fragrance ‘textured in elegance and softness,’ and from the sparkling top to the smooth base, it’s a triumph.
£49 for 60ml eau de toilette
In that sexy square Guerlain bottle, a new twist on bestselling L’Homme Idéal that wraps the original almond olfactory signature in three utterly refreshing accords. At first whoosh, experience the effervescence of bergamot, orange and a handful of mint leaves. In the heart, neroli makes a reappearance, with aquatic notes lapping alongside. And in the base – ensuring this has staying power on the skin – encounter vetiver and patchouli. Cool? Yes, and cooling.
£56 for 50ml eau de toilette


Latest Launches: Cairo, Cannes and cocktail hour

With a flamboyant flourish, we present this week’s glamorous latest launches. From Penhaligon’s Cairo to Mugler Angel La Croisiere, there’s sophistication, sandalwood and scent for a gent too. Ready, jet-set, go!


Not a new scent – but a florabundant new look for the fizzily rosy Rose Pompom, taken from an embroidery project. Inspired by the trend for D-I-Y, customisation and craft, Camille Goutal commissioned English embroidery artist Ellie MacDonald – who conjures up birds, fruits and flowers in richly-toned threads – to create intricate designs for Rose Pompom and Petite Chérie, under the banner L’Art de la Fleur. Vintage yet modern – just like the scents themselves.
£110 for 100ml eau de toilette
At Fenwick


All aboard! Sidonie Lancesseur’s limited edition sets out to capture ‘the cruise spirit in a perfume’ – harking back to the heyday of sea travel, via an ‘Energising Cocktail Facet’ blending juicy mango, grapefruit and blackcurrant sorbet. The ‘Voluptuous Facet’ ensures that Angel’s signature patchouli and praline notes make their presence felt, while the ‘Cocktail Dress Code’ sees the famous star bottle in an ombré get-up, its pop of pink fading to sunny yellow.
£48 for 50ml eau de toilette


Cairo is described as ‘a melting pot of fragrant gems’ – and somehow, Christophe Raynaud weaves together the city’s myriad olfactory signatures in this Trade Routes latest, without ever overwhelming. Think: hints of saffron, wafts of incense and armfuls of Damascena rose. Think: resinous labdanum, aromatic cypriol and warm vanilla. Then finally, Cairo shows its dark, carnal underbelly: Sri Lankan sandalwood, Atlas cedarwood, patchouli (and a touch of oudh, if our noses aren’t mistaken).
£173 for 100ml eau de parfum
Recreating the sensation of ‘a soft, soothing wood oil’, legendary perfumer Michel Almairac cloaks mandarin in powdered sandalwood shavings, violet becomes suffused in a cool bath of fig milk and tonka bean is draped with the feeling of pure white cotton blowing in the breeze. Think muslin curtains framing a perfect view, the deliciously cool side of a pillow against a flushed cheek, a comforting stroke of tender fingers through freshly-washed hair.
£130 for 75ml eau de parfum

Givenchy’s Gentleman Cologne brings words like dapper, dashing and debonair to mind – but there’s also a fabulous exuberance to it, a kind of fun buoyancy created with an explosion of citrusy bergamot, lemon and petitgrain. The dynamic energy of the fragrance’s introduction is soon soothed by the supple iris and cooling vetiver in the heart, while a finishing touch of Ambroxan and musk means traces last on skin till dawn – unusual, for a Cologne.
£49 for 50ml eau de Cologne

Latest Launches: a splash of sunshine

This week’s latest launches will inspire you to celebrate midsummer. With Prada Water Splash and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Sun, chances of a sunny outlook are high. Azzaro brings us a warm front of floral vanilla and Guerlain provides a beguiling breeze of Shalimar Souffle d’Oranger. Probability of perfume shopping? 100%


A positive constellation of superstar perfumers (from IFF) came together for this. Dominique Ropion, Loc Dong, Jean-Christophe Hérault and Fanny Bal offer us an overdose of fresh, acidic pomegranate, orange blossom, ginger flower and ginger essence, before giving this summer floriental a gourmand twist from delectably sweet dulce de lecce. Haitian vetiver is warmed by vanilla and tonka bean powder for a sun-drenched scent whose warmth certainly doesn’t fade as dusk falls.
From £46 for 30ml eau de parfum

Here’s proof that patchouli can throw off its deep, dark and sometimes dark past to be reinvented as something sheer, summery and fresh. Here, patchouli has some unexpected bedfellows – pear, Bourbon pepper, jasmine and white musk – as well as more expected notes of bergamot in the top, guaiac wood in the soft base, offering further proof of perfumer Nathalie Lorson’s talent for reinventing notes, the better to delight and surprise our noses.
£175 for 125ml eau de parfum


Light Blue Sun ‘is an invitation to Capri,’ we’re told. Truly we don’t need asking twice to dive right into the island’s azure waters, evoked via mouthwatering top notes of Italian lemon, Granny Smith apple, coconut water and a breezy ozonic accord. Light Blue’s original jasmine and rose heart now pulses with nectarous wafts of exotic frangipani. As the sun sets, prepare for an encounter with cedarwood, white musks, Bourbon vanilla and amber.
£57 for 50ml eau de toilette
Another splendid offering from the hands of Thierry Wasser. This airy reincarnation of Shalimar conjures the luscious gardens of the Taj Mahal with notes of tangerine, orange blossom and heady jasmine. A green, almost vegetal, petitgrain makes way for the soft nuances of neroli, before spoonfuls of silken vanilla are folded into creamy sandalwood. A juice as delicious as the beautifully adorned flacon it sits in, with its so-so-summery splashes of colour.
£79 for 100ml eau de parfum

This limited edition spin on Prada L’Homme is 100% cool, inside and out, encased in a Saffiano paper label adorned with a print taken from Prada’s fashion collections. In yet another show of brilliance by Daniela Andrier, the citrus overture of neroli and bergamot is subtly spiced by cardamom, notes of ginger warming the cool iris heart. Fresh at first, Water Splash’s true character shows itself in its end-game, via cedarwood, sandalwood, smoochy amber.
£67 for 150ml eau de toilette

Latest Launches: myths, magic and Miu Miu

Mysterious mermaids and Indian Sandalwood await you among this week’s alluring latest launches. Byredo’s new scent will leave you Sundazed, Miu Miu tempts you towards amber with a Twist and heritage brand Floris invites you on a Neroli Voyage. We are powerless to resist!

Like the sparkling light reflections that shimmer on the sea, Fantasia Mermaid weaves radiant ingredients together. Blood orange, mandarin and cooling cardamom make for an effervescent start. Aqueous blooms float together in the heart of this scent, with peony, jasmine and watery lychee. An incredibly uplifting floriental, soft wisps of spices are woven throughout, housed in one of the most magical, coral-laden, mermaid topped bottles. Another dressing table-worthy wonder from Ms. Sui.
£40 for 50ml eau de toilette
Paying tribute to the era of free love, Sundazed comes wrapped in all  things sunshine; bright, dazzling mandarin and Californian lemon. Neroli shimmers like the twinkle of light on water while Arabian jasmine cloaks your skin with its soft, yet opulent, touch. A dry-down of cotton candy and skin musks evokes distant memories of summers spent at beachside funfairs. A scent in which to bask in a state of summer-induced bliss.
£110 for 50ml eau de parfum


Inspired by an expedition Floris Perfumery Director Edward Bodenham took to retrace the footsteps of his ancestor, Robert Floris, this transports us from Antibes across the Ligurian Sea to the aromatic isle of Corsica and onwards to the Italian coastal town of Positano, our sails filled by a breeze fragrant with neroli, lemon, marine notes, jasmine, ginger and fennel seed. It weighs anchor via musk, amber and oak wood, indigenous to Corsica’s famous maquis.
£120 for 100ml eau de parfum

Another gorgeous, sparkling, faceted Miu Miu bottle – matched here by the almost iridescent, light-hearted notes of this latest collaboration between Miuccia Prada and perfumer Daniela Andrier. It incorporates an exclusive new accord – an invention of Daniela herself – by the name of ‘pink amber’, a woody element conjures up burnt sugar cane cutting through crisp air, ‘or a musical laugh in the midst of a stately affair’, as Miu Miu put it.
From £49 for 30ml eau de parfum

Gorgeous bottles from Dunhill, with caps reminiscent of the textured, award-winning Dunhill Icon bottle – but trust us, even more gorgeous is the quartet of juices inside the Signature collection’s flacons. The ingredients chosen for the fragrances echo Dunhill’s obsession with quality and provenance – and the first of those chosen materials is Indian sandalwood, lifted on a breeze of bergamot and wrapped in tree moss and patchouli. Wonderfully woodsy, a little damp – and quintessentially masculine.
£120 for 100ml eau de parfum