Enjoying the sweet smell of business success, Amanda Connock shares her five favourite smells

Amanda Connock spent (some of) her childhood blending fragrances from her father’s old samples of perfume, ‘making our own floral waters in buckets in the garden shed.’ Alan Connock’s business included importing a fragrant tropical oil which is now a signature in the hot-selling beauty/bodycare line she created, Connock London. (Sadly, her father died before he could see Amanda become a dynamic entrepreneur – although as she explains, ‘his passion is still very much alive in me…)

You’ve got to love the story behind Connock London‘s own eau de parfum. Customers who’d fallen in love with the scent of their body lotion/hand cream/bath oil sent letters and e-mails pleading for it to become a fragrance. As we all know, the customer’s always right – and Connock London Kukui was Amanda’s response: a stunning, incredibly wearable floriental bursting with armfuls of white flowers and exotic notes, created to conjure up the soul and beauty of the Hawaiian landscap. (Read more about it here…)

As you know, we love to put people on the couch to talk about their favourite smells – so here are Amanda Connock‘s…

1. The scent of my family. The familiar smells are always the best.  I crave the smell of my children when I am away from home – and when my husband is away I wear his jumpers as I find the scent very comforting.

2. Gardenia. Definitely my favourite flower – and there was never any doubt that our signature eau de parfum, Kukui, would be built around this heady flower.

3. Monoi. I am a beach girl at heart and this makes me dream of tropical beach holidays!  I find it very calming.  We use this exotic white floral in our Wonder Balm for its amazing moisturising properties as well as the scent.

4. Sweet peas. I remember my Dad would grow sweet peas every year when I was growing up – they were his pride and joy in the summer months and I think of him whenever I smell their scent.

5. My mother’s Sunday roast. I am not sure why it smells so much better when she cooks it but definitely always tastes as good as it smells!
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