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Perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin put a strikingly different – and fully blendable – perfumed pin in the map of London, creating a ‘rising star’ fragrance house that encourages exploration…

What first put Experimental Perfume Club on the radar was a workshop where scent enthusiasts could mix and learn to their heart’s content – a hugely successful experience, with classes often selling out as soon as new dates are released. Emmanuelle Moeglin had trained at the French perfumery school of ISIPCA, worked as a Scent Design Manager for various global fragrance brands, and went on to become an independent perfumer, based in London.Experimental perfume club creation set

In 2016, with a desire to demystify the often confusing (and still quite closed) world of perfumery, she started the Experimental Perfume Club – a small but airy studio in London Fields, where she first developed workshops to help people understand scent better. We well remember being invited to join once such group at the press opening, and with her clear, helpful yet expert instruction, it was clear from the get-go that EPC were on the same page as The Perfume Society – wanting to fling open the doors and tell as many people as possible just how fascinating (and accessible) the world of fragrance can (and should!) be. Now, with a stunning new central location in Covent Garden, the workshops continue and their world is even more fragrant…

And now that world has been made even more accessible – in your own home in fact – with their of a collection of unique fragrances: to enjoy and explore alone or to been together at home. Because not everyone can get to London… So Experimental Perfume Club has followed up with a range of wonderful perfumes that can be worn alone or excitingly blended to create new unique fragrances, named by the brand – the ‘Blends’. Exploring the smells of harmonious combinations, understanding both the magic and the science of fusing scents, they invite you to be beguiled and ‘find the fragrance that tells your story…’

Experimental Perfume Club refillMost of us have heard of the concept of layering, or do it ourselves by spraying whatever we can get our hands on in a ‘more is more’ way of thinking. And while that’s fun, it isn’t the same – or as repeatable – as a guided, expertly informed exploration. So where Experimental Perfume Club excel is providing a range of blendable and wearable eau de parfum, with several Top, Middle and Base to choose from – a way to echo that sense of hands-on experimentation, and a way to create your very own fragrant fingerprint. Exploring the evocation of individual ingredients, harmonious combinations, and forming an understanding of both the magic and the science of blending scents.

The blending combinations are almost endless, but cards within each box provide an ample start to your scent experiments. So how will you choose to play? Within collections, you can find Top Bergamot / Incense – rich, resinous oilbanum juxtaposed with soothing tea notes, with aromatic juniper berry brightening the robust bergamot still further. Alternatively, enjoy the lush herbs, green grassiness and milky swirled, ripe rosy flesh in Fig / Neroli.

In the Mid, choose from Jasmine / Osmanthus – an ode to white flowers and balmy evenings: think peachy, apricot facets of osmanthus, sunlit jasmine and frangipani flowers giving that beachy summer skin effect. And if you’re not a white floral person? Try fruity rose entwined with sharp blackcurrant, dewy peonies and a sense of stalks, petals and stems in Rose / Rhubarb.

For the Base, meanwhile, allow Sandalwood / Musk to entice with rich Indian sandalwood – less creamy, more mineral – enveloped by, soft musks, supple, downy suede with hints of cool, earthy vetiver and mellow Ambroxan. Or perhaps you’ll plump for the smoky, smooth incense hushed by powdery orris and warmed by chocolate-like patchouli in Amber / Iris…? (Adding further to the fragrant fun, look out for occasional Limited Editions – even more intense and complex nuanced notes to add to your mix.)

Experimental Perfume Club Iris CarminBut whichever combination you choose, you’re able to try three of each in the Blending Collections 01 and 02 – containing a Top, Mid and Base note in each, a pipette, an empty blending bottle and step-by-step guide. Or if you’d first like to smell each of them individually, try Experimental Perfume Club‘s Discovery Set featuring nine vials for wearing and blending on-the-go – or simply as a great gift idea.

Emmanuelle designed the collection so that any combination so that any number of combinations will work well together: a harmony of accords that are truly lovely experienced alone, or combined together can become a scented song of your own. It isn’t the same as training to be a perfumer – but with Experimental Perfume Club, all the hard work has been done for you.

So dive into the fun of finding your own favourite combination – creating a unique fragrant blend that’s as close to bespoke as you can get…


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