ARgENTUM: Full Moon Playlist

Having experienced the third full moon of the year – and the first of true spring – this is traditionally a time to reflect on what has passed and is no longer useful to dwell on; and look to the future with hopefulness and a renewed sense of optimism in our hearts. One brand which so brilliantly connects these soulful moments with their beautiful scents is ARgENTUM, and this year, theyve even created a Full Moon Playlist to enhance this period of self-reflection.






  ARgENTUM elucidates: This earthy Full Moon is asking us to connect with reality and take stock of what needs to stay and what needs to go. Nothing is linear though, what’s meant to be will always circle back and return, so go with the flow.’

 The fragrant mysticism even carries through to the way they match you to a scent in their collection. Twelve archetypecards act as an initial way to guide you towards a fragrance to try, but founder Joy Isaacs explains that this first match isnt set in stone – its used merely as a starting point to finding your scent (or several – none of us are linear, and our mood that day may differ from the type of perfume we need to harness on another). Joy told us: Our ARCHETYPE cards invite you to uncover symbolic imagery that reflect inherent energies – patterns that are common to us all.


IMG_2526.pngThe best way to begin narrowing down your scented selection, after that matchedperfume personality, which you can find on their on their website. Then, suggest trying all of the fragrances on your own skin. We recommend indulging your senses by trying ARgENTUMs Les Parfums Infinis Discovery Kit here while listening to their Full Moon Playlist. And we think the songs and fragrances coalesce particularly well in the ARgENTUM Earth Collection Kit here



However you choose to experience the fragrances, we hope you can take the time to breathe deeply, relax a moment, and contemplate the even lighter, brighter days ahead. Happy Spring!


Written by Suzy Nightingale