Zara Home shows us lifestyles in scent with 'The Perfume Collection'

After successfully conquering home fragrance, Zara Home has delved into personal fragrance, and we couldn’t be more excited. For ‘The Perfume Collection’ they called upon two internationally renowned perfumers, Alberto Morillas and Jérôme Épinette, to help develop their range of six scents. Each housed in an exceptionally elegant flacons that come in a rainbow-like range of colours, we’re pining after the whole troupe.
So what comes of combining the high street store à la mode and two incredibly talented noses? The result: a stunning collection of ultra-wearble scents at an ultra-reasonable price. Here’s our run-down of the sextet:
TONKA WOOD Don’t let the name lead you astray, this is a scent to lead you down the rabbit hole; ethereal and whimsical. Violet, bergamot, lemon and blackcurrant glisten in clear waters, lily of the valley shines with purity. Vetiver and tonka bean lurk in the shadows before taking centre stage with a warm, creamy finish.
FLORAL MYSTERY Clean and downy, Floral Mystery speaks of dewy mornings waking on a bed of wildflowers, pillows of magnolia, peony and lotus blossoms beneath your head. White woods and amber give endless comfort, whilst a pink peach smiles coyly.Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 15.45.57
ABSOLUTELY SUBLIME  Crisp and bright, a pristine combination of bergamot, mate, violet and black tea, make for a lightly spiced winters day, that sings of new beginnings, before turning to darkness with Guaiacum wood.
AQUA BERGAMOTA  A bracing, crisp bergamot sparkles in dappled sunlight while punchy tangerine and lemon dance in synchronicity. A pure untainted neroli is scattered with blackcurrants. Pamplewood keeps a watchful eye as youthful spirits play.
CUIR VELVET Cayenne pepper is fused with lavender and geranium for an unforgettable skin scent. Ginger and lemon invigorate. Smoky patchouli whispers of midnight escapades. Sandalwood and marine notes delight and soothe.
EVITORIAL TWIST  Sage and lavender lend themselves to a more unisex affair. Effortlessly stylish, clean-cut. Ginger and cardmom add a spicy tone, whilst cedar and musk make for a woody end. Contemporary furniture on mahogany floors.
Zara Home Perfume Collection £29.99 for 100ml eau de toilette
At Zara Home
Written by Carson Parkin-Fairley

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