You’re invited to a very special multi-sensory VIP fragrance launch at The Royal Academy

This Friday night, 20th March 2015, we’ve been invited to take part in a celebration to close the festival of Azerbaijani culture at The Royal Academy of Arts, in London’s Piccadilly, where a new limited edition fragrance – Lankaran Forest – will be unveiled. The fragrance will be presented through a multi-sensory experience, evoking the sights, sounds and smells of this ancient forest and its thousands of plant varieties.

The Perfume Society‘s Co-founder Jo Fairley will be interviewing Maria Candida Gentile, the Italian perfumer who has produced this fragrance, which was inspired by her trip to that country. Maria has created many, many fragrances: for royalty, for Aveda, for I profumi del Forte and more, while her fragrance Lady Day was nominated for an Indie Fifi Award 2013. It should be a fascinating conversation…

At the very last minute the organisers have offered us 20 pairs of VIP tickets for the event. If you’d like to join us there, they’ve requested that you e-mail [email protected] to secure your tickets for this event, which is from 7.30pm. (Please note: we’re not organising this event ourselves, so the booking system’s different to our usual procedure…)

The very special fragrance will be unveiled at this closing ceremony, in its stunning Lalique bottle, which evokes Azerbaijan’s ‘iron trees’ – while the fragrance itself conjures up the exotic spices and the Silk Route, which are part of Azeri heritage, and incorporates Lankaran tea’s white flowers.

We’d love to see you there!

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