You’re invited to improve your sense of smell…

A key part of our mission at The Perfume Society is helping people to improve what Helen Keller (who was herself deaf and blind) called the ‘fallen angel of our senses’.
How do we do this? Via workshops hosted around the UK – and you’re invited.
Now that we no longer need it to detect the approach of a sabre-toothed tiger, or gather our food from the wild, the sense of smell has dramatically lost its natural power. But it’s truly possible to reverse that…
In this workshop – which was originally taught by us at Alain de Botton’s School of Life, in London – you will learn a ‘nose workout’ which after just a few weeks should hugely improve your sense of smell, and allow you to experience the fragrances you wear in a new and exciting way.
Using techniques shared with us by some of the world’s leading noses – including Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, who our co-founder just interviewed for The Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine, here – we have had some incredible feedback from Perfume Society VIP Subscribers who’ve attended previous workshops.
Improving your sense of smell not only allows you to get more out of your perfumes, but by sharpening that sense – which is linked with our ability to taste – we get deeper pleasure out of life itself. (Click for all EVENTS…)
Below you’ll find a breadown of the prices for our workshops:
• £10 for VIP Subscribers – which is 100% redeemable against any Discovery Box purchase on the day of the workshop. (Sign up as a VIP subscriber here.)
£20 for Guests of subscribers or non-VIP Subscribers
£35 to include a one-year VIP subscription to The Perfume Society, £10 of which is redeemable against box purchases on the day of the workshop
We really encourage you to bring along a non-subscribed friend – it’s a fun experience to share, and both of you will receive refreshments on the day.
Of course, you’ll get to meet fellow perfume-lovers – and attendees will take home a perfumed goody bag to boot, including one of our beautiful Note Books for your ‘homeowrk’.
For current workshop dates or to join the waiting list for future events across the country, click here for our EVENTS page, where you can also find the low-down on other scented ‘happenings’.

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