Your personality, sensuously distilled into a pretty little bottle

A truly groundbreaking way to explore perfume, courtesy of Selfridges Beauty Project and The Future Laboratory.

The Fragrance Lab offers an entirely new way to shop for scent by identifying your aroma and in turn, creating a made-to-measure perfume that’s tailored to your personality. Pretty incredible, huh?

To gather an understanding of your disposition and olfactory desires, they guide you on an immersive and sensory journey. Now, we don’t want to give too much away because if you’re off to try it for yourself, it’d be like reading a spoiler. But after answering a few questions via iPad, you’ll be soothingly audio-guided through a series of installations – all with a number of sensory elements and tests that reveal your personality. It’s quite Alice in Wonderland-esque, really.

The decisions you make on your journey form the basis of your fragrance ‘prescription’ – a nameless scent created by Givaudan – handed over to you by a lovely man in a lab coat. I have to say my fragrance wasn’t one I would usually go for, but after a a spritz or two I grew to absolutely ADORE it.

You can capture your essence at the Selfridges Fragrance Lab, Oxford Street, until the 28th June 2014. Tickets are £65 and include a 50ml bottle of your signature scent. Click here to book your ticket.

Written by Alice Jones

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