What would you like to ask 4160Tuesdays’ Sarah McCartney?

For the next in our series of Instagram Live interviews with highly creative figures from the fragrance world, we’re doing cartwheels that we’ll be spending lunchtime on Wednesday 13th May 2020 with the founder of 4160Tuesdays,  Sarah McCartney. (That’s a bit of an in-joke. Sarah is an excellent cartwheeler as well as a totally inspiring creator.)

Essentially a prolific self-trained perfumer who has built a huge following for her brand 4160Tuesdays on the strength of her beautiful, often wonderfully story-telling creations, Sarah McCartney is a maverick soul who’s stirred up the perfume world and acted on her dream (shared by many of us) to become a perfumer.

Here’s your chance to ask this visionary fragrance figure everything you want to know about perfumery today. Perhaps…

• After working as a copywriter, what made her want to move into perfumery?

• How did she go about training? Is this something any of us can do?

• How important is storytelling in fragrance?

• How does she see the perfume landscape after ‘all this’ is over?

And more… Simply fill in the form below, to submit your question.

We’ll be going live from The Perfume Society Instagram account @theperfumesociety – on Wednesday 13th May 2020 at 12.30pm UK time. Make a date!


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