What I’m wearing: Jacques Azagury

As one of the most distinguished couturiers, Jacques Azagury has dressed many a stylish and glamorous woman, from L’Oreal’s newest UK ambassador Helen Miren to Princess Diana.

Renowned for his sophisticated and classic designs, he took a similar approach to the world of fragrance when he launched his first scent back in 2008 – reflecting a grand yet modern feel in both the composition and bottle.

He tells us about his all-time favourite fragrance and how he fell in love with smell, before scent…

‘What I love about scent is that it has a signature. A whiff will immediately transport you to a place and time. But it wasn’t scent I fell in love with firstly – it was smell. From the burning coals that fragranced the alleyways of the medina in Casablanca where I grew up, to the mimosa trees in the garden. Unknown to me, I was already in my head accepting formulations. My first scent memory was Chanel No. 5, which my mother wore when I was a child – and continued to wear as I grew up.

My all-time favourite fragrance is Dior Eau Savage. It was my first ever scent and I felt so grown up and modern wearing it. I have very special memories of the time. Youth, excitement, a life ahead. I wore it for several years. Just smelling it again invokes so many memories.

My signature scent, though, is Azagury Black, which I wear for black tie. It’s perfect. It’s dark, smoky, mysterious. Destination unknown. For me fragrance is the finishing touch to dressing. I will always apply after dressing to let me know that the evening has started.’

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Written by Alice Jones

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