What I’m wearing for fashion month: Richard James

Luxury designer Richard James is renowned for his contemporary tailoring – from two-button jackets to deep side vents – and modern British menswear. But his flair for creativity doesn’t stop there – next week will see the relaunch of his signature scent, Richard James Savile Row. We spoke to him about the first time he fell head over heels for fragrance.

‘I fell in love with scent as a young child in the late fifties – a time of light, floral, all too respectable fragrances like lily of the valley. But then, along came my aunt who wore Caron Poivre, a real game-changer, and I was smitten! It was a bit naughty and provocative and very exciting. My very first fragrance was Halston 1-12 – it smelled so sexy! Men’s fragrance had become terribly sporty when we first introduced Richard James Savile Row in 2003 and we really wanted to get away from that and create something sexy again!

Scent is evocative, mood changing and can play with your senses. And – much like a beautifully cut suit – it can make you feel good about yourself, which I understand and appreciate very well. It makes me feel complete. Not many people are fortunate enough to work with the great Yves Cassar to create their perfect fragrance. I wanted a truly bespoke scent that captured the Richard James ethos of respecting traditions but at the same time pushing boundaries.’

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Written by Alice Jones

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