What I’m wearing for fashion month: Lisa Potter-Dixon

Throughout fashion month, we’re focusing some of our attention on the backstage creatives and the fragrances they’re choosing to wear throughout the shows (and beyond).

As a self-trained make-up supremo and head of trend artistry for Benefit, there isn’t much Lisa Potter-Dixon doesn’t know about the wonderful world of beauty. Working with the likes of Matthew Williamson andRichard Nicoll at fashion week to create flawless beauty aesthetics, she loves to create looks for the everyday woman – as well as high fashion.

She talks to us about layering scents, olfactive memories and the first time she fell in love with fragrance…

‘I’ve loved scent from as far back as I can remember. As a child, I used to make my own perfume in the garden by crushing rose petals and lavender together. At the time this was just a bit of fun, but looking back now I think this is when I first fell in love with scent. My first scent memory is of my grandma. We were on the beach eating an ice cream and I distinctly remember the combination of salty sea air mixed with her heavy, musky perfume. It made me feel safe and happy. She still wears the same fragrance – it’s the type of perfume that stays on your clothes all day after a hug with her. I love that!

As with make up, I love how scent can make you feel different. It stimulates memories and feelings. It truly has a power like nothing else. My first ever fragrance was actually Benefit Maybe Baby – I received this as a present for my 16th birthday! Who would have thought I would go on to be Benefit‘s head make-up artist? It was obviously meant to be!

My all time favourite scent is Ralph Lauren Blue, this was the fragrance I wore though my 20s – through good times and bad. It’s discontinued now which is always sad, but I still have an empty bottle which I sniff occasionally just for old times sake.

My signature scent is Chanel Homme. I share this with my husband! I love male fragrances; I think it’s the combination of muskiness and freshness that always wins me over. If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll customise my scent by layering the Crescent Row fragrances by Benefit. My favourite combination is Eva with a touch of Lee Lee!’

Twitter: @Lisa_Benefit

Written by Alice Jones

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