What I’m wearing: Billie JD Porter

Model, TV presenter, DJ and journalist. These are just a few of the many titles Billie JD Porter has under her style-savvy belt (alongside being a fragrance lover, of course). She talks to us about the power of scent and its ability to add another facet to your identity.

‘The thing I love most about scent is that it’s sort of like a comfort blanket. When you get into the habit of wearing one in particular, it makes you feel ‘ready’ for the day. It becomes part of your outfit, your uniform. To spritz a little bit more on you as you go about your routine perks you up. I just think its really cool to add another facet to your identity like that.

Smell is such an evocative thing, every perfume makes you feel a different emotion. I was completely convinced that Cacharel Pour Homme (a scent one of my exes used to wear) was my favourite smell on Earth, but it would probably make me feel a bit odd smelling it now.

I go through different phases with perfume. I was wearing Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille for about a year and right now I’m wearing Ginsberg is God by Bella Freud. I’m nearly out though and I have my eye (or nose should I say) on Le Labo Santal. I basically just meet brilliant smelling strangers and steal their smell.

I think the idea of having ‘a smell’ people recognised was something that hit after puberty. At secondary school everyone would hose themselves down with really foul smelling body sprays because we were all paranoid about smelling bad. The first perfume I bought for myself and wore regularly was Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I remember smelling it in a department store and my mum saved up for ages to buy it for me for Christmas – after that, it was one of my main investments when I started earning. I’d rather wear that and eat pasta pesto for months on end, than actually spend my money on things I needed.’

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Written by Alice Jones

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