What I’m wearing: Amandine Azencott, Co-Founder of Codage

For those who aren’t familiar with Codage Paris, it’s a luxury skincare brand that provides fully-personalised products – we’re talking serums that are literally tailor-made to your specific skin requirements. And as the Co

Founder, alongside her brother Julien, Amandine focuses a lot of her attention on the art of formulation and the power of serums. But when she’s not creating the latest power serum, some of her attention turns to her love of all things fragrant.

She talks us through her love of scent – and how it brings back many memories from her past…

‘I love all types of fragrance and so many remind me of special moments in my life – from places to tastes. Scents of memories from my home region, the South of France, Nice – a mixture of lavender, sea side, wood, mimosa…

For me, a perfume has to be comfortable, not too sticky and not too feminine – it needs to have a signature and be chic. Quite often, I do pick men’s ones.

I love picking a different scent every morning, just like I pick my clothes or my face serums. I have dozens of different ones, from citrusy for spring, to solar for summer, chypre for autumn and woody for winter. At the moment, the main fragrances in my bathroom are terre d’Hermes, Néroli by Annick Goutal and Tam Dao by Diptyque – the one I choose to wear depends on my mood that day.’

Written by Alice Jones

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