What does perfume mean to you? We asked, you told us… (And won prizes.)

We know that perfume is important to everyone who visits this site – but somehow, during lockdown, it became even more so for many of us. So a few weeks ago, we posed the question: ‘What does perfume mean to you?’ – and asked you to share your feelings and thoughts.

We were truly touched by the photos and comments which were posted across social media. We’ve chosen five, each of whom win a beautiful Miller Harris candle, to scent the home. (Because we’re all home so much of the time, now.)

Readers posted what perfume meant to them, by simply sharing a photo of a fragrance, or of a whole fragrance collection, with a few lines of explanation why perfume become more important than ever over the past few months.

We’d love to thank everyone who participated and shared images and stories across their social media – it filled us with hope and joy watching them unfold. Here are our top five favourites, which we hope you enjoy…

Do check out the beautiful little film created by @jen_jardi

‘For me, perfume is a way of capturing and storing special moments. Moments secreted away in small, beautiful bottles, there whenever you want to return, just for a minute, to another time or place. My collection of perfume isn’t just perfume, it’s a way of remembering yesterday and expressing how I’m feeling today. What are your favourite scents? Do you have a particular fragrance that reminds you of a place or a person? My favourites (featured in the animation): Creed Virgin Island Water: the only scent I wear on holidays, I can smell the beach and cocktails when I spray this. Ralph Lauren Romance: I saturated my wedding dress in this, I adore this perfume and smelling it takes me back to August 11th 2012. Nivea EDT: This scent is like a hug from my Nanna. She’s not with us anymore, but if I spray this and close my eyes I feel like she’s in the room. Diptique Philosykos: cosy, snug and festive – can’t smell this and not feel Chirstmassy, even in July!”

‘Perfume is my happy place! It’s what fascinates me, what I spend my money on, take photos of, chat about, wear ALL THE TIME and what puts me in a good mood! Perfume is powerful indeed and has helped me through some challenging day. Never underestimate the power of perfume. What does perfume mean to you?’ – @sarahgallogly


‘#perfume is my escapism. Over the last few months in my little Buckinghamshire flat, I’ve needed some escapism. I have discovered a great appreciation for Roja Parfums Ahlam – helping me to feel luxurious, even when it’s not on your doorstep. What is your #perfumeismy?’ @fragrancetwentyeight


‘#perfumeismy Raspberry & Vanilla Pocketscents. This beautiful little fragrance has been one of my best and most worn fragrance throughout the lockdown period and this challendging time. It’s a very calming walm fragrance that takes you somewhere lovely. And that’s the magic of fragrance for me, it’s ability to take us away from the world and transport us to different times and locations. Not just with scent memories but also wherever our subconscious wants to take us. Somewhere peaceful by the sea, in a meadow, or even cuddled up with a cow, smelling sweet flowers in the warm sun. Smell is very powerful and very spiritual.’ @scentedsnowdrops


‘#perfumeismy destination everyday. Starts my day or ends my day. Brings back memories of people places and thinks. Violet scent, my grandmother. Shalimar my mother, roses my childhood garden.’ @macbethme

Written by Hettie Jones

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