You wear the fragrance? Now try Acqua di Parma Italian Resort skincare…

Interesting, this: a complete, almost top-to-toe collection of skin beautifiers from the Acqua di Parma.

Once upon a time, Acqua di Parma offered but one single (and classically structured) Cologne. (You can read its history here.) Now their ever-more-exciting fragrance wardrobe spans everything from leather to roses via oudh – but age-defying skincare…? That’s quite a leap. (Though quite logical, when you learn that Acqua di Parma happens to be owned by the same luxury company as Dior and Guerlain, both renowned for their serious skincare expertise.)

The body treats, as you might expect, are quite strongly-scented: fresh, sense-awakening, enlivening. The face care? Almost imperceptibly so (and to our – fairly well-trained – noses, the Revitalising Eye Cream is entirely fragrance-free). The ‘Mediterranean’ tag, meanwhile, refers to revitalising ingredients derived from plants which flourish on its windswept, sunburned shores, whose natural resistance has been captured via a special Sicilian Maritime Pine extract.

You’ll find everything from a Body Scrub – after using it, 100% of testers reported softer skin – to the top-of-the-range Italian Resort Revitalizing Face Serum, which (in their own trials) showed visible and measurable improvements to fine lines, skin texture and firmness. (The complete collection’s below, and body-wise, includes Toning Body OilSoothing Body Scrub and Revitalising Body Cream – all divine.)

A fresh wake-up call for your senses – and for your skin. Which – if it’s anything like ours, at this end of winter – could do with a burst of Mediterranean energy, right now…

Acqua di Parma Italian Resort Skincare is priced from £30 for 75ml Illuminating Face Exfoliant to £73 for Revitalising Face Serum
Buy it at Acqua di Parma


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