We welcome you to the world’s first perfume appreciation society – with a beautiful sign-up gift

We know that there are many, many of you who are as passionate as we are about perfume, love its power to transport us through time and space, and enjoy how it can change your mood in a flash.

So we invite you to subscribe to The Perfume Society, and really start to discover, explore and enjoy the many different facets of the fragrant world. Maybe you’d like some help finding your next perfume – from the thousands out there. Perhaps you’re keen to improve your sense of smell. Or would you like to meet some of the extraordinary creators in the perfume world…?

That adventure starts now. And here are 10 good reasons to subscribe…

Eight editions a year of our beautiful downloadable magazine, The Scented Letter.

A fab complimentary Fragrance Education Discovery Box, on joining: eight beautiful fragrance samples, accompanied by ‘smelling notes’ (so that you can really learn about what you’re smelling – just as you would in a wine club). The box comes with ‘blotters’, to try the fragrances (and the additional gift of a useful handbag size of Crabtree & Evelyn Lily Hand Cream).

Your personalised, numbered subscription card, which will open the door to on-counter sampling, personal fragrance consultations and more.

4  Invitations to events, in stores and other locations around the UK, where you can celebrate launches or listen to leading perfumers share their stories.

5  The chance to attend workshops where you can learn the first steps towards making perfumes of your own, if you’d like.

6  The discounted ticket to one of our ‘How to Improve Your Sense of Smell‘ workshops.

7  Access to all the stories in the VIP Zone of this website, exclusively for subscribers, which will include videos and podcasts.

8  Exclusive preview access to our series of themed Fragrance Education Discovery Boxes, the first of which launches in June 2014, allowing you to try fragrances on your skin – by far the best way to explore your next scent purchase. (There’s no ‘subscription’ element to the boxes; simply buy the ones you’d like – and you’ll know just what you’re getting.)

9  Monthly scented activities you can enjoy with friends, if you’d like to set up your own Perfume Society Perfume Group (like a book club without the homework!)

10  The opportunity to become part of an organisation for people who just love perfume – and want to know more…

Simply click here to join us…

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