Whoop, whoop! We’re popping corks in The Perfume Society office…

We’re big fans of Instagram at The Perfume Society.

No, you can’t smell an Instagram post. (Though we’re sure someone’s working on it.)

But pictures can still convey a mood or a feeling (which is partly why ‘mood boards’ are created for perfumers, of course). So we have great fun trying to capture the spirit of an event or a fragrance, in visual form.

Sometimes, because we get around, our team manages to do this from different continents on the same day!

We’re absolutely delighted then, that without paying for a single follower (as some people apparently do!), we’ve organically reached a landmark 10,000 followers on this social medium.*

So: if you don’t already follow us on Instagram, find us here.

And if you do, we promise to continue to help keep your finger on the pulse-point of everything that’s happening in the fragrant world with breaking news, ‘backstage’ access and via the steady stream of new launches which appear on our desks.

We’d love to share a real glass of Champagne with you, but it’ll have to be virtual.
Chin, chin! (And thanks again.)

* Murphy’s Law being what it is, our following will probably now dip just below 10,000! People do ‘unfollow’ as well as follow (and we do it ourselves). One annoying thing is that once you hit 10,000 followers, you can only see the increments in hundreds, so we thought we’d share a little App we’ve just discovered called Followers, which lets you see who’s following you, who’s unfollowed, who loves you the most and who you’re following who doesn’t follow you back. (You’re welcome!)

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