Vivacious energy and intense summer heat inspire latest DKNY launches…

We think the solar eclipse that occurred today has finally banished the season of drizzle and gloomy grey mists, as now the sun has come out to warm our cockles and get us thinking of those long hot days of summer ahead (much finger-crossing lest we jinx it)!

News of DKNY‘s latest fragrant offerings makes us want to leap headlong into the sunshine, inspired as they are by ‘…the vivacious energy and intensity of the summer heat’ and presenting a stimulating collection of two limited edition frolicsome fragrances for men and women to enjoy.

DKNY Women Limited Edition £40 for 100ml eau de toilette
Buy it at Superdrug

DKNY say: ‘Passionately constructed, DKNY’s newest fragrance for her is uniquely energising, wild and sexy. The bold vibrancy of spearmint fuses with a luscious burst of sweet orange and playful grapefruit for a whirlwind of forbidden exploration. Delicate lily meets a hypnotic blend of spicy carnation and lush tiare flower. Whispers of sensual patchouli and creamy vanilla are layered as undertones against fir balsam to create a mysterious aura.’
DKNY Men Limited Edition £40 for 100ml eau de toilette

DKNY say: ‘Sensual and exhilarating, DKNY’s newest fragrance for him is a blend of uplifting freshness and modern aromatics. Exhilarating juniper berry and crisp mandarin mix with spicy accents of nutmeg to create a fiery energy. The heart of this unique combination is a modern fusion of lavender, clary sage and pomegranate to create an undeniable magnetism. As the fragrance unwraps, balmy nuances of tonka and intimate skin musk combine with a sensual power of patchouli for an irresistible warmth.’

DKNY Men Limited Edition £37 for 100ml
Buy it at Superdrug

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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