Our VIP Subscribers love The Scented Letter – so here’s a preview, for you.

The Scented Letter, so we’re often told, is one of the key reasons why our VIP Subscribers love being a part of what we’re doing.

As a little ‘taster’ of what you can expect – normally our editions are 50+ pages – we’ve put together a ‘digest’ from some previous editions for your enjoyment. Read it here – and depending which browser you use, you should also be able to download it. (Please be patient: it’s a lavishly big file!)

Appearing around every six weeks as an e-zine (downloadable as a .pdf to your device, or viewable in ‘flickable’ format on the site itself), this is one of just a handful of fragrance magazines in the world. We have incredible behind-the-scenes access to perfumers, to the ‘faces’ chosen to represent scents, and to beautiful visual imagery to bring each edition alive.

We also commission articles from leading, award-winning writers whose evocative stories open up the world of scent and aroma to our readers.

It’s one of many VIP Subscriber benefits when you belong to The Perfume Society – and if you’d like to sign up and receive your copies, you can do so here.

In the current edition of The Scented Letter, meanwhile, you’ll find:

  • When Rosie Met Ralf – follow Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s fragrance journey – from London to Grasse via Manhattan – to create her signature scent.
  • Sex & Scents – our Senior Writer Suzy Nightingale explores: why does perfume turn us on? Do pheromones exist? And what are the sexiest aromas on the planet…?
  • Jeremy Scott’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections – the Moschino designer (creator of the much talked-about TOY fragrance) follows his perfumed trail from farm-boy to fashionista.
  • The Smell of Love is… Gravy – what happens when a fragrance blogger loses her sense of smell? One woman’s deeply moving account.

We also cover all the Latest Launches – so you have your finger on the pulse-point of all the latest fragrances – share news of our many VIP Subscriber events, and much, much more…

Once again, join us here – and enjoy the magazine that fragrance-lovers are talking (and Tweeting) about…
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