FOR HIM: Vince Camuto Homme

Top notes: pressed citron, crisp ozone, iced gin & tonic
Heart notes: Italian fennel, blue cypress, juniper, French lavender
Base notes: spruce, armoise, musk, Atlas cedar, white birch
Fancy a freshly poured gin & tonic on the rocks while gazing at the brilliant blue sea of the Mediterranean, anyone…? Form an orderly queue, then, for the fizzing freshness of pressed citron and juniper-rich notes from the first spray of this revivifying holiday-in-a-bottle. Italian fennel, blue cypress and balmy lavender soothe the nerves while a shady walk in the cool of the spruce trees will ease out those knots of stress from your shoulders like a massage for the senses…
Vince Camuto is a designer brand synonymous with style, dressing many a celebrity, from their carefully crafted leather shoes to their impeccably wrought accessories; the DNA of the house is contemporary fashion for those who want to look well-groomed but worn effortlessly. Easier said than done, of course, but breezily accomplished with each spritz of this bottle…
Vince Camuto Homme £45 for 50ml eau de toilette
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