Blink – and you might have missed these.

Which would be a shame.  Because the perfume world spends a fortune – a fortune! – creating extraordinary films to advertise and promote their creations.

Those advertising campaigns, though are short-lived – and if you didn’t happen to go to the cinema that week, or switch on your TV, you might miss all the hard work and creativity that goes into these ads.  In spring 2013, for instance, Prada commissioned film directors Roman Coppola and Wes Anderson (of The Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Royal Tanenbaums fame) to create three one-minute films to celebrate the launch of Prada Candy L’Eau.  Just extraordinary…!

So here, website we’ve archived dozens of these perfume commercials in one place – and we’ll be adding new ones, as perfume houses hit the ‘play’ button on their new commercials…

We’ve grouped the videos by brand – but trust us:  this section is well worth exploring when you’ve a little time.  All that extravagance and creative genius should not go to waste…!