Turkish Delights: lounging at Lokum Istanbul (well, South Kensington)

Lounging in a louche manner on plump, tasselled cushions, we feasted upon plates of pomegranate and pistachio Turkish Delight while sipping a traditional tea and sniffing at various scented colognes, candles and home fragrances. We could for all the world have been in the Ottoman empire, but in fact were nestled in the opulent yet cosy confines of South Kensington’s Lokum Istanbul boutique…

We delight in sniffing out new places to explore scent, and sometimes they are right under your very nose. Just by taking a slightly different route around an area you regularly traverse, one can stumble across the most wonderful finds, and Lokum Istanbul is an oasis of Ottoman-Turkish culture that’s definitely worth seeking out.

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Zeynep Keyman is the glamorous founder of Lokum Istanbul, her love for the beauty and treasures of the culture she grew up in leading her to create a brand that truly celebrated the unique opulence and fragrant traditions of the past, while equally reflecting today’s modern, design-conscious lifestyle.

Lokum Istanbul say: ‘As a small girl, Keyman was always surrounded by colours and flowers and their heady perfumes. These influences developed in her a definite sense of style, design and ideas for distinctive perfumes. Drawing from the surroundings of the Bosphorus, a shore-line dotted with fishing villages, lush woodlands and Ottoman palaces, she became aware of the area’s innate beauty and she was captivated by it.’

‘Living her life in one of the most scenic areas of Istanbul her vision took shape, and in 2005 Lokum Istanbul was established, becoming the first lifestyle store renowned for its impeccable attention to personalised services and bespoke stationery.’

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Offering everything from their signature bespoke stationery (think of creamy paper smooth silk, lined with a rainbow of coloured tissue); a unique collection of fragrances available as Colognes, Eau de Parfum, body oil, hand soap, candles, room sprays and diffusers; delectable Turkish Delight and marzipan shaped into dinky little Fez hats. We think it’s the perfect place to pick up a really unusual (and wonderfully packaged) gift, and all at incredibly reasonable prices.

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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