TRY BEFORE YOU FLY DISCOVERY BOX: Les Cocottes de Paris Melle Cleo


At first a harmonious softness of delicate blossoms balanced with a hint of citrus, this intriguing scent gradually blooms into a full-blown posy of perfumed delights to capture your attention, and those around you.

Evoking a forgotten age of elegant exteriors and naughty goings-on beneath the ruffles, Melle Cleo sprinkles a light dusting of powder from a swansdown puff, the feeling of lacy undergarments and beribboned stocking tops shown only to a select few suitors who deserved (and could afford) her attentions…

Inspired by the racy so-fashionable set of infamous courtesans who conquered hearts and ruled ‘fin de siècle’ Paris, founder Anaïs Biguine has created an initial trio of fragrances to pay tribute to these scandalously remarkable ladies.

The original Cleo, you might like to know, was in 1896 considered the world’s most beautiful woman. She set fashions, danced like a dream and became the epitome of an absolute star – capturing her contemporaries’ imaginations along with the doubtless hundreds of hearts she collected along her way…

You may recognise Anaïs’s name – her debut brand was Jardins D’Écrivains, a line of opulent and literary-inspired perfumes many scent lovers have already fallen for. But with her knowledge and passionate interest in this period of history, she can truly indulge her senses – and yours.

Les Cocottes de Paris Melle Cleo from £80 for 100ml eau de parfum
Buy it at Cologne & Cotton

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