This video for Penhaligon’s Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom is such a breath of fresh air…

Away from the scented hubbub at the launch for Penhaligon’s Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom – with its sensational ‘nature table’ theme by rising star florists JamJar Flowers – there was a little upstairs oasis. We slipped away from the sushi, the sniffing (and the ‘autumn term’ fragrance world gossip) to find ourselves transported, in a curtained room, by this wonderfully soothing film with a positively haunting soundtrack.

Created by Cereal, it’s as wild and windswept as the fragrances themselves – but ultimately, so soothing that we’d quite like to have it on a loop in the office, frankly: an antidote to the torrent of e-mail which has us longing for windswept autumn visits to the seaside.

Blasted Heath & Blasted Bloom are the first for the collection by the perfumer legend Alberto Morillas (who’s stepped into Bertrand Duchaufour‘s funky trainers), and set out to evoke the dramatic, wild geography ‘where the land meets the sea’.

Blasted Bloom – the feminine fragrance – features a mineral-like aquatic accord, set a-sparkle by juicy wild berries, with the cool of green leaves. This is the first time we’ve encountered eglantine (also known as ‘sweet brier’ rose), as an ingredient, beside another hedgerow note, hawthorn – both given a little tingle of pink pepper. These dance on a base of mosses and woods, in what is truly a naturalistic composition.

Blasted Heath swells with notes of seaweed and tangy salt air, with aromatic clary sage. Then in the heart, there’s an almost crunch green leaf quality, beside tobacco and whiskey. (Equally appropriate for the fireside as the cliff-top, this one.) In the base, lots of masculine woodsiness – from guaiacwood, Alaskan cedarwood and vetiver, softened by musks.
But can we suggest you treat yourself to a few minutes of peace and quiet – and enjoy this little film…?

Penhaligon’s Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom each £124 for 100ml eau de perfume
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