The sweet smell of Jasmine Award-winning success (and your FREE magazine!)

We were thrilled to have been nominated for so many Jasmine Awards – the prestigious event held by the Fragrance Foundation as part of their annual awards ceremony – so, to win among such fragrant luminaries was an even greater joy!

Co-Founder of The Perfume Society and editor of The Scented Letter magazine, Jo Fairley, was equally surprised and delighted to win, saying ‘If you’ve ever been up for an Award, you’ll know that there’s usually a butterflies-in-the-tummy moment as they announce the winners – but not this time, because I honestly never for one moment expected to win this most glamorous of prizes against stiff competition for what was a gritty, difficult piece about a soap-making project in a Jordanian refugee camp. For me it’s a wonderful sign of how business, including the fragrance world, is changing: that they are looking to do good as well as do business, seeking to make the world a better place.’





That Literary award-winning piece was When Soap Equals Hope, which you can read in full, here. Still riding high on the sweet smell of success, we are also thrilled to be able to announce that The Scented Letter magazine is now FREE to read online, wherever you are in the world! Sign up to receive your free magazine, here. The Scented Letter is the only English-language magazine entirely devoted to fragrance, and we so hope you will love keeping your fingers on the pulse of the perfumery.

The full list of Fragrance Foundation Award winners can be found here – including the winners of Perfume Extraordinaire (which we had the pleasure of judging – smelling blind as part of a panel of fellow fragrance-writing judges), and the latest inductee into the fragrant Hall of Fame.





It truly was an incredible evening of scented celebration which will live on in our memories for months to come. Meanwhile, we’re counting down the days until next year’s fragrant get-together…

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