Hurrah! You can now experiment with Selfridges Fragrance Lab online

Shopping for fragrance is an utterly personal experience. As perfumer Thierry Wasser wisely says ‘you use fragrance for yourself – not to look like a model or for a certain lifestyle.’ That’s precisely why, when we experienced the Fragrance Lab for the first time ourselves, we knew it was something very special.

Due to popular demand, the Fragrance Laboratory will now be an ongoing experience you can take part in digitally. Ergo, those who have visited the lab and adore the scent they were matched with will be able to buy it time and time again. Hurrah! And, those who didn’t make it along can now discover their bespoke scent from the comfort of their own home.

The ‘express’ version will quite simply ask you a number of questions to gather an understanding of your personality and olfactory desires and in turn, pinpoint your fragrance ‘prescription’ along with the Givaudan scent that best suits you.

Sadly, you won’t be met by a dashing man in a lab coat like you were in person, but you will be directed straight to your signature scent.

You can capture your essence at the Online Fragrance Lab for £45. Enjoy!

Written by Alice Jones

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