THE SCENT OF A MAN DISCOVERY BOX: Beaufort London Coeur de Noir


Top notes: rum, ginger, ink
Heart notes: paper, leather, vanilla
Base notes: cedarwood, tobacco, birch tar

The sense of black ink languidly swirling through milky water, soul-warming West Indian spiced rum intermingling with leather-bound books lining a library wall and the immediately evocative notes of vanilla pipe tobacco all following the trail of a dark heart laden with birch tar and labdanum… This is truly a fragrance with a story to tell.

Tracing the relationship between British seafaring history and the art it has inspired, founder Leo Crabtree uses his grandfather’s pen drawings of luxury yachts, his father’s extensive collection of nautical fiction and even his own intricate tattoos as reference points.

One of the most innovative and exciting new fragrance brands we’ve seen for a long time, with strengths denominated using the maritime Beaufort Scale (hence the inspiration for the name of the house itself) all the Beaufort London fragrances are thought provoking, paradoxical and emotionally engaging.

Beaufort London Coeur de Noir from £95 for 50ml eau de parfum
Buy it at Beaufort London


  • Given a piece of parchment paper and quill pen dipped in ink, what picture could you imagine drawing based on smelling Coeur de Noir?
  • Closing your eyes an inhaling deeply, which of the notes is most prominent on your skin at first?
  • Are you most drawn to the sense of the smokily comforting library or the rum-swigging, sea-going adventures?
  • Do you have tattoos already, or can you envisage getting one? What symbol or illustration would represent your true spirit?

Which three words best sum up Coeur de Noir to you? Adventurous? Memorable? Evocative? Over to you…

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