The Fragrance Foundation Jasmine Award Finalists 2024 are…

We could not be more thrilled (or humbled) at the announcement of the Jasmine Awards 2024 finalists! Read on to discover the full fragrant list…

The Fragrance Foundation U.K. says: ‘Launched in the UK in 1990 the Jasmine Awards are recognised as the most prestigious journalistic awards in the beauty industry. They recognise and reward the talents of journalists & visualisers whose difficult task it is to translate the complex art of perfumery into words and pictures.

A new panel of judges is recruited annually and includes experts from the worlds of journalism, literature, fashion, lifestyle, PR and fragrance consultancy. The panel is chaired by an expert in the fragrance industry.’


Jasmine Awards 2021


This year, the panel was again chaired by Catherine Mitchell, and The Fragrance Foundation U.K. explains that ‘…There are two reasons Catherine Mitchell has been our Head Judge for the past six years – she is committed to raising the bar for quality and creativity and exudes more passion than anyone we know. In a career spanning three decades with International Flavours and Fragrances (IFF), a global leader in the creation of fragrance, biosciences and sensorial experiences, Catherine worked across all elements of the business, across multiple continents. She is an ardent advocate of education and communication to inspire today’s creators, consultants and consumers and ultimately unleash the next generation of talent.’

You can read all about the other esteemed judges for the 2024 panel, here. But meanwhile, we can contain our excitement no longer – here are the shortlisted finalists for each category of the awards this year (squeal!) and we’ll have to TRY be patient to discover the ultimate winners, until the glamor and scent-filled ceremony at The Fragrance Foundation Awards on May 9th!

HUGE congratulations to all the finalists, who spend months of work researching and finalising these ways of talking about fragrance and sharing the storytelling magic of scent. It truly makes us jump for joy to be amidst such company as this…



The Jasmine Awards 2021


Substack, Forest School by Alice du Parcq

The Scented Letter magazine, When Your Back Garden is a Tuberose Field by Jo Fairley

The Scented Letter magazine, Up in Smoke: Fragrances Flagrantly Defying the Smoking Ban by Suzy Nightingale


The Jasmine Awards 2021



Cosmopolitan UK, Good enough to eat: food-inspired perfumes are hot right now by Charlotte Bitmead

GLAMOUR, When did it become anti-feminist for women to want to smell sexy? by Fiona Embleton, Green with En Vie by Suzy Nightingale


The Jasmine Awards 2021



IFRA Fragrance Forum 2023, Smell & Tell by Peter ‘Art’ Lewry

Instagram, A Scented Story by Suzy Nightingale & Nicola Bonn @onthescentpodcast

Instagram, Desert Island Spritz: My Chanel Love-List for Autumn-Winter by Alice du Parcq


The Jasmine Awards 2021



The Scented Letter magazine, The Wash Gets Posh by Jo Fairley

The Scented Letter magazine, Gelat-Eaux How to Wear ‘Ice Cream Scents’ Without Smelling Like Mr. Whippy by Suzy Nightingale

We Wear Perfume, Who Am I? New Ways To Make Your Perfume Personal by Amanda Carr & Tamara Fulton


The Jasmine Awards 2021



Cosmopolitan UK, Eau de sex: Have fragrances lost their sex appeal? by Charlotte Bitmead

Harper’s Bazaar UK, Green & Pleasant by Medina Azaldin

Highsnobitey, Fragrance, Unfiltered: What Shoppers Want Perfume Brands to Know by Alexandra Pauly

The Scented Letter magazine, It takes them right back by Scott McGlashan

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