The floods are gone. And here is one very good reason to put York on your list of scent destinations

Our spies tell us: don’t believe everything you read in the papers about York. Yes, parts of the city were deluged at the start of the year – but those have been mopped up, and York’s back to its glorious, historic, fascinating self.

We’ll certainly be heading back there soon – because it’s home to one of the UK’s most glorious perfumeries, Burgin’s of York. Above you’ll see Hanus Wolf, the owner, doing his finest ‘Are You Being Served Impression’ – and trust us, you really will be served in a quite exemplary manner.

With years in the perfume world under his belt, Hanus has encyclopaedic knowledge and a real passion for fragrance. He’s sniffed out countless hard-to-find treasures and showcases niche and indie brands – from 4160 Tuesdays to Serge Lutens via Perris, État Libre d’Orange, Juliette Has A Gun (and so many more) – alongside the Chanels, Marc Jacobs and Diors of this world, as well as ‘vintage’ favourites like good old Tabu. (And anyone for a good old-fashioned shaving brush, BTW?)

It’s a treasure trove of the first order – and no wonder Burgin’s has dedicated customers making scent pilgrimages from half-way across the country: it’sthe kind of perfumery where you really can get expert advice on finding a new scent (or a gift), and help with building your fragrance wardrobe. We were thrilled to partner with Burgin’s of York on a Perfume Society ‘How to Improve Your Sense of Smell’ workshop last autumn, and look forward to our next visit to the city.

You won’t need your wellies. Or a sou’wester. But a credit card might well come in handy…

Burgins Perfumery, 2 Coney Street, York, YO1 9NA/01904-632137


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