Taxi! Aqua Manda’s cruising the streets of London

Look out for the Aqua Manda taxi driving around the West End, complete with iconic 1970s print!

After returning to department stores towards the end of last year, the scent – which was created by ‘nose’ Christopher Collins some 40 years ago – has quickly regained popularity. With notes of mandarin, rosemary, parsley flower, sweet herbs and tropical jasmine, it’s very much one for citrus fragrance fans.

In a strange twist, Aqua Manda was actually revived after The Perfume Society Co-founder Jo Fairley started a Facebook page, called ‘BRING BACK AQUA MANDA’, looking to bring back this zesty scent.

An enterprising company decided to do just that – and now it’s not just a fragrance, but a taxi…!

We can’t wait to spot it on London’s streets…

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