Take a #smellfie for National Fragrance Day and be in to win…

March 21st is National Fragrance Day National Fragrance Day – so as the world’s first appreciation society for fragrance – and with our fingers firmly on the pulse of all things scent-related – The Perfume Society is celebrating 2015’s annual sniff-fest by being extra nosy…

Championing the ever-growing social media trend for ‘selfies’, we are asking fellow ‘fume-heads and perfumistas to take a picture of yourself with the bottle of perfume you adore – or simply the scent you happen to have chosen that day!

Now for the fun part! We want you to share your #smellfie
On Twitter, use the hashtag #smellfie and tag us @Perfume_Society alongside your photo.

On Instagram, tag it #smellfie and mention @theperfumesociety.

After we’ve nosed through your scent-themed postings, we’ll be choosing our top five pictures! Every winner will receive a signed copy of The Perfume Bible, the ultimate guide to the world of fragrance written by The Perfume Society’s co-founders

Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay.

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