Take a peek inside Geza Schoen’s lab on our Instagram Live!

The dynamic perfumer Geza Schoen – who’s just unveiled his latest pair of fragrances, Molecule 05 and Escentric 05 – just took part in a fascinating Instagram Live with The Perfume Society‘s co-founder Jo Fairley, the latest in our series of perfumer interviews.

It even afforded a sneak peek inside his at-home laboratory (because working from home in Berlin is nothing new for Geza…) PLUS we got to see his little daughter Anna, who made a cameo appearance. (Currently being home-schooled, of course, like all German children.)

On our YouTube channel, you can view the entire one-hour Q+A in which Geza talks about his career, about the magic of molecules, the challenges of creativity in the age of corona, and more.


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