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We gladly visited Jovoy Mayfair the past week to discover the new scents from The Hosue of Oud. A fragrance house known for their oud-centric scents, they have now released a collection called THoO, which is far from the precious ingredient they initially celebrated.

THoO is a collection of fragrances inspired by time, capturing three moments; Just Before, Right Now and From Now On. Each housed in brightly coloured flacons, with a distinctive marbling effect, meaning each bottle is unique. We give you our run-down of these glorious fragrances below…

Thé Time

Cool and contemplative Thé Time is inspired by Japanese tea time and a moment we enjoy in solitary, a peaceful moment. Using blue tea as its core note, this scent has an air of calm to it. Bright spikes of verbena, and black tea shine through, whilst the tranquil smell of blue chamomile and musk soothes.

Just Before

Focusing on the aromatic woody note of Palo Santo, Just Before captures the moment before a kiss: excitement and expectation. Spicy saffron sprinkled atop rich woods and resins; myrrh, benzoin and amber. Supple sandalwood dances with sweet vanilla giving a kind of woody gourmand feel to this striking scent.

Live In Colours

Live in Colours is all about the moment. It’s fun, sparkling, bright – an explosion of colour. An uplifting airiness that feels akin to having your hair flowing in the wind, it feels free. Punchy grapefruit and lemon are paired with red fruits, palpably juicy. A heart that fizzes and tingles with pink pepper and ginger, before hinoki wood and musk cast a tranquilizing blanket over the excitement.

Whilst we were there, we had the opportunity to ask founder and perfumer, Andrea Casotti, to take part in our occasional series by sharing his five favourite smells…

Leather – it reminds me of my parents’ luggage when I was a child, and a feeling of immense excitement, as it meant holidays.

My kids – when they were young, this was such a magical smell.

The smell of my factory (where we create the THOO scents) – this is like an addiction for me. If I don’t smell it for a week, it’s like I’m missing something. The smell of my factory is amazing.

Elemi – this is my favourite raw ingredient. Whenever I feel sad, I smell Elemi for a boost. (Elemi smells similar to frankincense with lemony facets)

The Oudh factory in Jakarta – this is incredible, a truly amazing smell.

The House of Oud THoO Collection is available from Jovoy £190 for 75ml eau de parfum

At Jovoy Mayfair

Written by Carson Parkin-Fairley

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