The latest 'Travelicious' edition of The Scented Letter takes you around the world in 80 sprays…

Screenshot 2016-07-21 19.16.57The Scented Letter is one of the key VIP Subscriber benefits when you belong to The Perfume Society – and among other excitement, our latest edition whisks you to Arabia, to Provence and to the home of Acqua di Parma
If you’re a VIP Subscriber, click here to read our latest edition, which focuses in particular on the ever-more-exciting world of men’s fragrance. (Not a Subscriber? Sign up here.) In this edition, our Jasmine Award-winning team covers the following…
• In Sunshine, BottledSuzy Nightingale discovers why bergamot is perfumers’ main squeeze, ingredient-wise
 Dana El Masri’s award-winning article (in the first-ever Perfumed Plume Awards) explores fragrance’s Middle Eastern roots, in Cities of Jasmine, Roses of Beloveds

• Also in the Gulf, Jo Fairley explores the Arabic tradition of incense-making, sharing The Story of Bukhoor
• We go On Vacation with Christian Dior, opening the doors to the stunning south of France château which the designer loved, now beautifully renovated
• We share ways to make your hotel smell more gorgeous, in our Small is Beautiful travel candle story, written and illustrated by Carson Parkin-Fairley
• Read about all the Latest Launches (for men and women!) – and much, much more…
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