‘Wild Swimming’ Inspired Scents – dive on in!

In the Summer edition of The Scented Letter Magazine, which celebrates 10 Years of The Perfume Society, we look at the fascinating ripple of wild swimming-inspired scents and otherwise water-themed fragrances that have lapped at our desks (and our skin) of late. These aren’t the 90’s style beach-y perfumes of yore, but rather a whole new (and dare we say it, more adventurous?) take on the aquatic fragrance family.

The intro to my feature for the magazine sets the vibe…’There’s a sudden surge of scents evoking rock pools, lakes, and rivers this summer. Could these less exotic, willow-fronded and estuary-esque fragrances be linked to the increasing popularity of ‘wild-swimming’ outdoors?’

‘With aquatic fragrances seemingly turning a new tide this season, we’re witnessing a drift towards natural bodies of water inspiring whole rafts of mossy, seaweed, driftwood, and algae-infused concoctions. In previous summer editions of The Scented Letter, we’ve looked at the re-emerging waves of sea-inspired scents washing across our desks, but more recently there’s been ripples of change in the fragrant waters – and they’re not necessarily even linked to the sea itself. Fascinatingly, the places we currently find ourselves paddling in are perhaps (for most of us) the more attainable kind, the inspiration often closer to home. We’re invited to dive – nose first – into the calm, silvery surface of lakes; explore algae-ribboned rock-pools; paddle in mineral-ic, mystical pools of childhood nostalgia, or dabble our fingers (and noses) in the mossy velvet verdancy of willow-dappled ponds.’



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Meanwhile, the fragrances discussed within that H2 Eaux feature are not the only scents inspired by natural bodies of water – so here, we wanted to showcase some other stunning fragrances that so cleverly (and intriguingly) capture the evocative scene of cool, silvery lakes, rivers, pools, waterfalls and sea; and the calm – or adventures – to be found within.





Do you like the water calm and meditative, or prefer the thrill of a strong current of a scent to pull you onwards in its intriguing trail? Whatever your choice, we’ve some  suggestions for all tastes, so let’s dive on in…







Ella K Orchid K

Always adventurous perfumer and founder, Sonia Constant, treks around the world with her portable ‘Headspace Technology’, thereby to capture smells in their living environment. For Orchid K, she tells us, ‘I wanted to create a fragrance around this black vanilla orchid discovered in Monte Rosa in Italy, which I associated with the flowers surrounding Lake Como, the magnolias, jasmines and oleanders of wild roses…’ Fluffed with marshmallow and orange blossom, there’s also a faint drift of incense, floating across the lake from the surrounding churches. Utterly sublime.

£225 for 100ml eau de parfum at 50ml





Cochine Water Hyacinth & Lime Blossom Diffuser

Water-inspred scents don’t have to remain outside, you know. Why not consider bringing the peace of lounging beside a lake to your home this summer? Here, Cochine create the reminiscence ‘of lazy afternoons on the banks of the Saigon River.’ The fresh yet gentle scent of lime blossom is combined with woody notes of water hyacinth to create an invigorating and fresh fragrance that wafts aloft on a cooling breezing, filling any space and delighting your senses 24/7. The perfect way to switch off for precious moments – months-worth, in fact – of scented contemplation.

£60 for 150ml reed diffuser in our shop





4160 Tuesdays Wash Me in the River

Founder and nose, Sarah McCartney, beautifully sets the tone, saying: ‘Wash Me In The Water is the fragrant embodiment of a refreshing plunge into a lake, climbing out onto grassy banks, lying down surrounded by aromatic herbs and wild flowers. If you ever need to wash away yesterday’s mistakes and start again, wear this one. The name is borrowed from the song Take Me To The River; it has refreshing rosemary and clary sage for your memory, frankincense to calm your soul, the smell of green grass meadows and a dip in cooling fresh water, a drop of mint and the light floral aroma of a new bar of soap.’

£65 for 50ml eau de parfum in our shop



Penhaligon’s Savoy Steam

Harking to their barber shop heritage, Penhaligon’s invite you to take your ease in the plunge pool, transitioning from hot to cold scent sensations as though you’ve emerged, dripping and refreshed from the herbaceous waters of the spa’s outdoor pool – via the deeply cooling herbaceous notes of eucalyptus and rosemary, balanced with the clarity of lemon and geranium. But don’t worry, you’re not left shivering: soon, you’re patted dry with extra fluffy white cedar-scented and Turkish rose-infused towels, heated with a tingle of glowing incense. Bracing, followed by a comforting embrace, if you will.

£175 for 100ml eau de parfum penhaligons.com





Granado Bossa

Though this transports us sea-side, the waters are choppy yet the tide is retreating. We paddle on pebbly sea beds, delighting in warm skin from the ankle-up, squealing with joy and the quenching coolness of the waters on a baking hot day. while the bouquet of solar flowers and the coconut note promote a creamy and delicate sensation. ‘With 90% ingredients of natural origin’ Granado says, ‘the fragrance is enveloped by the comfort and elegance of musk and cashmere wood, resulting in a floral, solar, fresh and comfortable creation.’ Oh, take us to the waters of Rio de Janeiro right now!

£65 for 100ml eau de toilette libertylondon.com


Written by Suzy Nightingale