The return of the #smellfie for National Fragrance Day 2018

21st March was National Fragrance Day – for the past four years, The Perfume Society has invited fragrance lovers across the U.K. (and indeed, around the globe) to celebrate by posting a #smellfie, via social media.

We were SO thrilled at the response from our #smellfie campaign this year, so thank you to everyone who tagged us throughout the day!

We spent the whole day with wide grins on our faces, eagerly anticipating the next scented selfie to come. We were truly wowed by the creativity, humour and sheer love for perfume which your #smellfies captured.  Bloggers, perfume houses, fragrance lovers and perfumers all got involved – and this year, even Katy Perry posted one!

Here, we’re delighted to share just handful of our favourites – including the winners, who all receive a copy of The Perfume Bible (by our co-founders Lorna McKay and Jo Fairley), with a year’s subscription to The Scented Letter for the overall winner, @evenblondernow (We’ll be sending her copies of the magazine all the way to Germany).

And so, we salute you #smellfie snappers, until next year (21st March – put it in your diaries now!)

And our runners up…

Written by Carson Parkin-Fairley

Share your #smellfie on March 21st – National Fragrance Day!

National Fragrance Day is on March 21st every year, and we want you to all join in by putting your best face – and fragrance – forward for a #smellfie tomorrow…

National Fragrance Day is a wonderful day in the perfume calendar, entirely devoted to revelling in fragrance’s glories.

Four years ago, we came up with the idea of the #smellfie – a selfie with a scent you love. Little did we know it would lead to thousands of fragrance fans all over the world sharing their photos, with celebrities (including all of Little Mix) joining in!

The Perfume Society is inviting everyone to upload a #smellfie – holding an all-time favourite fragrance, or simply to share the scent you’ve chosen to wear that day.

Once you’ve selected your scent (and believe us, we feel your pain in choosing!) simply take a picture of you holding it and upload to Instagram, using the hashtag #smellfie and mentioning @theperfumesociety, so we can spot your photos.

Or do the same via Twitter: hashtag #smellfie, and @Perfume_Society.

We’ll be keeping an eye on our feeds all day long, and we’ll repost as many as possible that really tickle our fancy. (Creativity is encouraged!)

What’s more, we’re offering five signed copies of The Perfume Bible (which we’ll also send internationally!), with a year’s print subscription to The Scented Letter in addition for the #smellfie we love the most.

Happy snapping – we cannot WAIT to see what you come up with this year!

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Written by Suzy Nightingale

We've looked through thousands of your #smellfies… did YOURS win a prize? Check out some of our fragrant faves!

Just a couple of years agao,  we had the idea to celebrate the long-established National Fragrance Day by getting people to post selfies with their favourite fragrances, and calling them a #smellfie.
The idea was to celebrate the importance of fragrance by putting a face to what can sometimes be a closed industry, and more than that, to see YOU – the people who actually buy the perfumes – hear why they love them, what they really mean.
This year our #smellfie competition became an international perfume phenomenon – with people all over the world who joined in our campaign. And what a diverse group you were… with some dressing in specially made outfits or painting their faces to match their favourite scents; pets, children and family members getting involved and celebs including Richard E Grant and even Little Mix (gawd bless ’em!) all joining in.
We’re not ashamed to say we all got a bit teary at Perfume Society Towers when the #smellfie photos kept on pouring in.
Just search for the hashtag #smellfie on Instagram to see how many brilliant entries we had to choose from!
But we’d made a rod for own backs by saying we’d choose some favourites to award prizes to, didn’t we? And, though it has caused us much anguish having to choose at all, choose we must. So here are our finalists…

@jadainga99 is our overall (geddit?) winner who cleaned up (okay, we’ll stop now) and will receive a full year’s print subscription to our award-winning magazine, The Scented Letter, worth £80. Congrats!
The following five winners all receive a signed copy of The Perfume Bible

So adorable, and we’d love to snuggle up with this perfume, too…

A veritable halo of scent from a fellow fragrance obsessive who just couldn’t pick one fave (we feel ya!)

Truly impressive makeup skills employed for this pretty in pink pic…

We were blown away with the elegant creativity of this paper-doll loving perfumista!

Beautifully shot, great selection, so much to love right here…

❤❤❤❤❤ Thank you SO much to everyone who took part – it means so much – we so loved seeing you share your favourite fragrances with us. And we simply cannot wait for next year’s #smellfie extravaganza. Let’s make sure it’s the most scent-sational year yet! ❤❤❤❤❤

Written by Suzy Nightingale

Sharing the #smellfie love: the day our fragrance frolics took over social media. And it's all thanks to you!

Three years ago we came up with an idea to celebrate National Fragrance Day that would bring the perfume industry and fragrance lovers together: the #smellfie. Simply put, it’s a “selfie” with scent, and each year has grown a little larger. But little did we know that this year, your combined #smellfie pictures would be streaming in by the thousands in an veritable avalanche of scented revelry!
Really the #smellfie-sharing is an extension of why we set up The Perfume Society in the first place – a mass merry-making that’s not only fun to take part in, but emphasises how important perfume is… the intense memories it can trigger, the moving stories behind people’s favourite fragrance choices and the sheer joy beaming from their faces as you shared each shot.

Celebrities, perfumers and industry greats alike rubbed noses with perfumistas and fragrance fanatics around the country (indeed – the world) yesterday, as we took to social media en masse. From Little Mix to Richard E. Grant, Guerlain’s Thierry Wasser, Atelier Cologne’s founders – the lovely Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel – who we got to hang out with at their latest launch event in Covent Garden and posed for #smellfie right then and there… to Liz Earle, Victoria Christian (of Clive Christian fame), countless others – and, of course, all of YOU!

Seriously, we were blown away by the response, and our fingers were worn to mere stubs with our frantic efforts to acknowledge, like and comment on as many pictures as possible. We still have people posting #smellfie pictures right now. And if you’re yet to take part, we’re keeping it open for the rest of this week. Remember to post the picture on Instagram with the hashtag #smellfie and tagging @theperfumesociety). We are working through the thousands of snaps to make a a selection of favourites to award prizes to very soon – but it’s taking forever!

In the meantime we want to give a huge shout-out to every single one of you who joined in the fragrance frolic fun of our #smellfie campaign. Thank you SO much for all your efforts – we have been thrilled beyond belief with the way people dressed up, filmed videos and snapped pictures of themselves. We love them all – and we can’t WAIT for next year’s #smelfie sharing extravaganza…!
Written by Suzy Nightingale

We announce the winners of our fantastic #smellfie competition for National Fragrance Day (and you're going to love them)

Ever wanted an excuse to spend a day glued to social media…?
On 21st March 2016 – the date in the calendar now dedicated as National Fragrance Day – we had the best justification: monitoring entries to our #smellfie competition. It’s the second year we’ve done this – and hundreds of entries tell us: you really got a kick out of joining in.
The idea? We invited any of our readers or followers to upload a photo of themselves either to Twitter or Instagram, tagging it #smellfie and @theperfumesociety (on Instagram) or @Perfume_Society on Twitter. It elicited hundreds of entries, many of them very creative  – and it was great fun seeing them cascade in.
In the end, it was too tough to choose just five winners of a copy of The Perfume Bible (signed and dedicated by the book’s authors, our Co-founders Jo Fairley and Lorna McKay). So we said: blow the budget! And ended up choosing all seven featured here, who will each be getting a book.
What’s more, we so enjoy this – and know that you do, too – that we invite you to get involved on an ongoing basis. We’ll be looking out for #smellfies on an ongoing basis – so don’t limit your photographic fun with fragrance to one day of the year, because we’ll be awarding a #Smellfie of the Month prize, with a signed copy of The Perfume Bible.
And now for those winners. (Look out in the next edition of The Scented Letter for many more of the entries which tickled our fancy, meanwhile…)