What is your #LongLostSmell? Fifth Sense (the anosmia charity) would love to know…

… And so would we.

We’ve written about anosmia – the loss of the sense of smell – in the latest Love & Scents edition of The Scented Letter, with a moving article by fragrance blogger Louise Woollam about what happened to her when she developed various ‘smell disorders’ after a virus.

Next Friday (27th February) is actually Anosmia Awareness Day, and in advance of that Duncan Boak – who founded Fifth Sense after he lost his own sense of smell – would like us all to take some time to think and imagine what it would be like to have your sense of smell taken away.

Then ask yourself: what would be your #LongLostSmell? Please tweet that – and they’ll be collated on Storify. (We’ll also be sharing these  #LongLostSmell tweets in a future edition of The Scented Letter.) Just a few examples are featured below – and click on the hashtags here for the latest tweets…

You can Instagram a photo that evokes what you’d miss most, too.

To support Fifth Sense‘s work (which we at The Perfume Society are proud to do), donate here to help raise funds for future research into taste and smell disorders.
And now: close your eyes and imagine that #LongLostSmell

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A glimpse of Louise Woollam‘s article, which you can read in the Love & Scents edition of The Scented Letter when you’re logged in to our site as a VIP Subscriber