How to buy scent in the sales – what to look for & how to choose

How to buy a new scent can tricky at the best of times, but when sales season hits it can be even more bewildering. Should you only go for brands you know, or plump for a new perfume at a bargain price? We’ve all the tips and tricks toward finding a fragrance that will really work for you and your pocket.



Want to try something new that’s on sale, but don’t know what to look for?

We’ve done all the leg-work for you! Simply type the name of that scent into our genius Find-A-Fragrance, and the clever algorithm – based on information we source directly from the fragrance houses and perfumers themselves – will suggest six new fragrances that, while different from the original you typed, share a similar mood, character or key ingredients. It really works! Note down the names it suggests and see if any are available in the sales…



Go ‘matchy-matchy’

Consider the vast array of  matching products available for favourite fragrances you already have, such as a gorgeously decadent bath oil, rich body cream or even a fragranced hair mist. It’s often possible to find travel-size versions of perfumes and discounted gift-boxes containing smaller size scents and matching scented body products for bargain prices in the sales!


Be brave – BUT, be careful of an olfactory ‘oops!’

This is the perfect time of year to blow away the cobwebs and try some new scents – from brands you’ve never heard of, or from fragrance families you’d perhaps never considered might suit you.

The best idea is to get a Discovery Box of fabulous mini sizes and samples from a wide range of luxury, niche and top-end designer fragrance houses. That way you can start exploring and trying them all in the comfort of your own home, then you’re able to pick a new perfume from that house if they’re on sale, knowing you already like their style.

Each box is carefully curated to include something for all tastes, and once you’ve found ‘the one’ (or perhaps several!) you can then buy a full size in the sale, safe in the knowledge you’ve already tried it on your skin. We know SO many people who’ve discovered their all-time scent loves this way!




Save money on scents this-a-way

We’ve a selection of fabulous fragrance boxes in our sale right now – the perfect way to treat yourself to a new perfume without breaking the bank (saving money AND you venturing out in hideous weather!) Don’t forget to use the correct coupon code (above) at checkout.

Now then… which sale scent to spritz first?