Robo-shop? ScenTronix allows you to co-create scents

ScenTronix Inc, a U.S. and Netherlands-based technology company, has announced the public launch of their fragrance co-creation system, allowing you to choose ingredients for, personalise and perfect your own custom perfume with the help of artificial intelligence.

Algorithmic Perfumery is coming to New York with an opening night event on February 7, as part of Fashion Week, where visitors to the Ace Hotel New York, can experience the latest in fragrance creation technology until February 13, 2020.

In partnership with IFF and IFF-LMR, the ScenTronix Inc system features a palette of exclusive raw materials – a mixture of both high quality naturals and cutting-edge aroma molecules – which visitors will navigate by answering a brief set of questions, then sitting back and watching as a sensory machine creates the scent in front of them. And it isn’t a one-shot deal: just as in working fragrance laboratories, the machine mixes a number of variations, giving these ‘mods’ to the human co-creator to sniff, at which point you may choose to make changes and create a final version.



ScenTronix founder Frederik Duerinck explains that ‘Algorithmic Perfumery uses technology to allow people to have a highly personalised and meaningful experience with their senses,’ and says that while the whole experience has been designed to be ‘…at its most simple, a platform for people to co-create their own perfume,’ he also hopes that ‘this interactive, playful experience will allow them to discover and enjoy new aspects of themselves, and a new outlet for their imagination.’

The opening event for Algorithmic Perfumery will be followed by a three month pop up, and a public beta test of the system will be taking place at a store in Breda, Netherlands, throughout the year.

Although we sadly can’t attend, we’re thrilled to hear of such an exciting fragrance event being open to the public – and with many more, it sounds, to roll out following these trials.

By Suzy Nightingale