Fall in Love with Penhaligon’s Potions & Remedies Fragrances…

Penhaligon’s have entranced us with their Potions & Remedies perfumes, and they must have known that something was in the air… Have you noticed that feel-good fragrances are proving quite the hit the world of perfumery lately? It seems as though we are all wanting MUCH more out of our scent choices in recent years, with many of us now choosing fragrances based on our mood, and our emotional requirements, alongside wanting to smell amazing of course.

It’s in this spirit of sensorial ‘rescue remedies’ that Penhaligon’s created their Potions collection, and they have been rapturously received by perfumistas the world over for their utterly intriguing inspirations and, indeed, their stunning design. Penhaligon’s were among the esteemed winners of this year’s coveted Fragrance Foundation Awards for their brilliantly apothecary-esque aesthetic.



“For every ill there is a cure. For every woe there is a way. Penhaligon’s Potions & Remedies collection is distilled with potent powers to cure – or procure – altered states. Fancy a formula? Each fragrance harnesses the perfumed power or nature to instill some health, strength, and vitality into one’s life.”


Penhaligon’s recently-launched Potions collection offers fragrant remedies for modern living that evoke William Penhaligon’s experiments with aromatic concoctions. Beckon courage with Eau the Audacity, energise with Va Va Vroom, ignite desire with Liquid Love, banish worries with A Balm of Calm, or feel euphoric after a spritz of A Kiss of Bliss. Visit the website to explore them – it’s a truly joyous experience!

Eau the Audacity – ‘A bottle of boldness to cast off the shackles of shyness. Audacious orange blossom surprises vanilla and incense; how fancy! Spritz sparingly (or not – we dare you).’

Liquid Love – ‘A passionate eau de parfum to set hearts a-flutter. Spicy rushes of pink pepper, ginger and turmeric lock in fiery embrace with chilli and musk. Be warned: one spritz too many may cause swooning.’

Vra Vra Vroom – ‘Dash it all and make haste! An energetic blast of mandarin and magnolia, enthusiastic spoonfuls of osmanthus absolute. Spritz your way to success. Nothing shall stop one now.’

A Balm of Calm – ‘A lullaby of lavender, a cloud of geranium. Iris and sandalwood for a dose of composure; an instant serenity remedy. Rum and soft woods round off Penhaligon’s tranquillity blend. Heaven.’

A Kiss of Bliss – ‘Spritz those blues away with bergamot and green clover. Musk and rose sing from the hilltops: would one like to join? An eau de parfum borne from sunny days to have you dancing all night long.’



Penhaligon’s says: ‘William Penhaligon laboured for his legacy to be delightful. One to cure all ills, one that he and future generations would be rightly proud! You are about to discover the result of his travails… Discover five new fragrances filled to the brim with miraculous ingredients to boost your mood.’ All Penhaligon’s Potions £195 for 100ml eau de parfum penhaligons.com



A Penhaligon’s Potions & Remedies Discovery Set is also available: £30 for 5 x 2ml eau de parfum

Keen to learn more about Penhaligon’s fascinating history and the heritage of their perfumery house? Read all about how Penhaligon’s began, and how hey transformed, in our page dedicated to them


Written by Suzy Nightingale