A La Lune Celebrate Chinese New Year with Perfume & Postcards!

The wonderful new, niche fragrance house of A La Lune are paying homage to the symbolism that inspires their scents by celebrating the Chinese New Year in a unique way – and they’re inviting YOU to join in!

For A La Lune, traditional Chinese symbolism entwines within their fragrances, with a wish to inspire ‘a micro-renaissance of traditional art and craftsmanship in the field of fine perfumery…’ Though it all began in London, with the founding of A La Lune’s studio in 2021, this symbolism remains central to their scents, and their sense of identities, too. It’s a coming together of like-minded people united by their multi-cultural backgrounds and belief in creating fragrances that celebrate diversity, mindfulness, and innovating sustainably, with a respect for quality ingredients and authenticity.



More than this, their fragrances represent the fact that, according to A La Lune:

‘The Chinese believe that “every fragrance is a medicine” and that there is surely some intrinsic bond between what people wear and how they feel about their bodies.’

This ethos chimes exactly with our feelings at The Perfume Society – we simply feel better when we wear a fragrance we love! Encompassing the great traditions of fragrant history with a proudly independent and artisanal aesthetic, A La Lune are championing the art of ‘slow perfume’ from small manufacturers and showcasing traditional fragrant materials in utterly contemporary (and so-wearable ways).



With three fragrances currently, you can read more about the founding of this house and their stunning scents on our page dedicated to A La Lune, but for now, how about receiving some perfume-related post…?

To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, A La Lune will dispatch 1000 postcards from China. To give thanks for the Lunar New Year, A La Lune are giving UK customers the chance to receive one of these beautiful and specially designed postcards, and all you need to do is register on their website and submit your address. 



The first 1000 people who register will receive a postcard posted from China, to bring you luck for year ahead – how lovely is that? (Certainly nicer than the junk mail and bills that make up the majority of post these days…)

A La Lune would love it if you tagged them on social media when you receive your card, and we’d love to see them, too! Simply tag them on Instagram @alalunelondon_official 

PS Don’t forget to tag us too! @theperfumesociety