To celebrate the launch of Miu Miu L'Eau Bleue, its 'face' Stacy Martin shares her five favourite smells

Signs of spring are definitely all around us, perfume launch-wise. Notably the unveiling of Miu Miu‘s second fragrance, which delivers a brightness and radiance – and an extra jolt of muguet – to the original Miu Miu signature scent, alongside a transparent honeysuckle. And delivers it in a crystal-clear, faceted bottle which may prove one of the prettiest to cross our desks in 2017. (And y es, we know it’s only January.) As with the original, this
It marks the reappearance, too, of actress Stacy Martin in the pretty-pretty-pretty advertising campaign. As the ‘face’ of L’Eau Bleue Miu Miu, she was actually there in the flesh for the launch, which took place at the Miu Miu London flagship store on Bond Street. (And how spring-like did it look…?)

Stacy was taking time out to slip into a pretty Miu Miu frock between post-production work on a slew of movies due out in 2017 – 3 Way Junction, Danny Huston’s The Last Photograph, Redoubtable, Rosy and Halo of Stars. (That’s a schedule that makes us want to sit down just reading the list.) Next up? Filming The Bell Jar. (She wouldn’t tell us who she’s playing, but disappointingly – for us, at least – it’s not Sylvia Plath.)
We took the opportunity to ask Stacy (as is our wont) to share her five favourite smells in the world – always a revealing exercise.
1. Freshly-cut grass – In my grandmother’s garden in France. My father is French and her house was one of my favourite places in the world.
2. Rice pudding – This was the smell I was waking up to when I would stay with my grandmère, who was such an important figure in my life. I never use her real name – I always had trouble accepting that she was called anything but Grandmère). She’d cook rice pudding in the morning – just plain rice pudding, no cinnamon or anything fancy – and the scent would fill the house.
3. Vetiver – I find it a very ‘grounding’ smell.
4. Fish and chips – That wonderful greasy, vinegar-y smell when you open the wrapping. How often do I eat fish and chips? More often than you’d think! My parents are skinny and we all eat a lot.
5. Christmas trees – the defining smell of that time of year. When you first get a whiff, you know it’s allots beginning.’
Written by Jo Fairley
Miu Miu L’eau Bleue from £49 for 30ml
Find it at Harrods (and nationwide from 29th March 2017)

PS And a bonus for scrolling this far – enjoy!