M.A.C's ShadeScents: perfumes to match your pout. Are you a Ruby Woo…?

M.A.C are renowned for their luscious, highly pigmented lipsticks and have now created a range of scents inspired by some of those all-time best-selling shades.
We’ve long been aware that colour and our perception of scent are closely entwined – in fact, we dedicated an entire issue of our magazine, The Scented Letter, to exploring the relationship between sight and smell –  so how wonderful to see this fully realised in M.A.C’s fragrant ‘ShadeScents’ collection. And having had a sneaky sniff of them, we’re convinced fans of the makeup colours will go wild for these, too…

mac_sku_s2km01_640x600_0RUBY WOO
Top: Wild Cherry, Pink Pepper, Saffron
Heart: Suede Violet, Orris, Rose petals
Base: Leather, Sandalwood, Mahogany

mac_sku_s2kn01_640x600_0 CANDY YUM YUM
Top: Pink Guava, Lemon Zest, Acai
Heart: Moroccan Iris, Cherry Blossom, Pink Lotus
Base: Cotton Candy, Tonka, Vanilla

mac_sku_s2kp01_640x600_0LADY DANGER
Top: Saffron, Tangerine, Wild Cherry
Heart: Jasmine, Red Berries, Violet, Orchid, Labdanum
Base: Black Amber, Cashmere, Patchouli

mac_sku_s2kr01_640x600_0MY HEROINE
Top: Angelica Seeds, Saaffron Bud, Labdanum
Heart: Incense smoke, Patchouli, Leather
Base: Oak Moss, Tobacco Leaves,

mac_sku_s2kt01_640x600_0CRÈME D’NUDE
Top: Bergamot, Neroli, Ambrette Seeds
Heart: Suede, Magnolia, Cylamen
Base: Velvet Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean

Top: Tobacca Flower, Bergamot, Ginger Zest
Heart: Golden Mimosa, Wild Honey, Vanilla Orchid
Base: Tonka, Liquid Musk, Papyrus

M.A.C ShadeScents £35 for 50ml eau de parfum
Buy them at M.A.C
Written by Suzy Nightingale