Wear the Perfumes with Pride!

Perfumes to wear with pride – living our authentic lives and celebrating being our true selves in scented form – is always important, of course, but this year it seems more vital than ever to wear them with Pride.

The annual events supporting and celebrating LGBTQIA+ people, and the power that fragrance can uniquely bring to explore our diverse identities, is never more needed than when homophobia and hatred of anyone who dares be ‘different’ rears up again (as it sadly is, now). And we must never forget that many countries around the world have have never been safe for people to express themselves or live in peace.

Thankfully Pride month sets off on July 1st in London with the annual Parade spectacular, but if you can’t make it to a celebration near you, here’s some ways to flaunt your fabulousness in fragrant form, whenever, and wherever you wish…





We adore the Memoize London Life in Colour collection – a rainbow of perfumed personality possibilities which explores the emotional and inter-personal connections we make to fragrances we fall for, while also offering true emotional scent support in their uplifting, comforting and empowering collection! So thrilled you can now can shop the whole Memoize collection with us







The Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances always features a whoop of ‘Liberty, Equality, Sexuality’ as they’ve long celebrated the LGBTQIA+ community. This year, the Le Male & Classique Pride limited edition flaçons feature Get Used to It logo t-shirts (and the fact this joyous campaign has received some utterly vile homophobic and violent comments on social media and certain fragrance forums shows EXACTLY why Pride is still so important).






Shay & Blue have a really great History of Pride blog, and say: ‘As a company we are restlessly focused on inclusion and celebrating YOU. Our scents are for all genders. There are no outsiders, all are welcome, always and we support everyone’s right to express themselves fully.’


Britney Spears has been a gay icon forever. She regularly acknowledges the support the community shows her, has performed at Pride events, and brings out an annual Pride edition of global best-seller, Fantasy. We happen to know a number of perfumistas who happily wear this alongside their wardrobe of niche and high-end fragrances.


Whichever fragrance you decide to plump for in the month of celebrations, make sure to wear them with Pride!